A woman’s spinal cord has been reactivated: she can now walk

She had been bedridden for over 18 months due to a rare neurodegenerative disease, but thanks to an innovative surgery she can now stand and walk. It is the story of Nirina, a patient who was diagnosed with parkinsonian multisystem atrophy (Msa-p) and whose spinal cord was reactivated thanks to a series of electrodes implanted […]

Pepe Alonso Ruz, a “red to the core”

Great follower of Osasuna and a native of Granada, fate has wanted Juan JosĂ© Alonso Ruz, Pepe as everyone knew him, he passed away this Friday in the run-up to an Osasuna-Granada. He was “a red to the bone,” his relatives say.. Neighbor of the Rochapea, a widower and with two daughters, Pepe was very […]

La Costa joined the bone marrow donation circuit worldwide

The La Costa Party joined the circuit of bone marrow donation worldwide, a system that facilitates access to donors for patients who require a treatment of these characteristics to recover. This was reported from the Municipality of the Coast, in charge of the mayor Cristian Cardozo, who added that the district will be part of […]