Thyssen-Krupp believes the steel business could merge with Salzgitter

Martina Merz “We trust each other, that’s a good basis for discussions.” (Photo: Reuters) Munich The industrial group Thyssen-Krupp considers a fusion of its steel business with its competitor Salzgitter possible. “Of course, many are interested in a German solution. We have a lot of creative freedom, ”said Thyssen Krupp boss Martina Merz of the“ […]

Thyssen-Krupp is looking for a new steel partner

Thyssen-Krupp will continue to shrink. This means that the Essen-based industrial group is looking for partners in the important but loss-making steel business. “Discussions are already taking place with the knowledge of the Supervisory Board,” said the company. The need for consolidation in the steel industry is also increasing due to the corona crisis, because […]

Thyssenkrupp is looking for partners for the steel and marine division

Dusseldorf The corona crisis is forcing the Essen-based industrial group Thyssen-Krupp to adjust its strategy. On Monday, CEO Martina Merz presented the supervisory board with a new concept for the further development of the conglomerate, Thyssen-Krupp announced the evening after the meeting. After the sale of the profitable elevator division, the group wants to concentrate […]

Selling the elevator division was not worth it

Thyssen-Krupp in Duisburg The corona crisis is ripping the industrial group deep into the red. (Photo: dpa) The shareholders of Thyssen-Krupp voted with their feet on Tuesday. After the industrial group announced a loss of billions for the past half year, the price fell by 18 percent to a good four euros. However, the figures […]

Boss of Thyssen-Krupp forced to change plan

Martina Merz The CEO of Thyssen-Krupp AG has to make savings. (Photo: imago images / sepp spiegl) Duisburg, Frankfurt Martina Merz really did not fight for the job as CEO. It was more out of a sense of duty than out of a career streak that she switched from the top of the supervisory board […]

Corona crisis consumes proceeds from elevator sales

Thyssen-Krupp headquarters The corona crisis poses major challenges for the industrial group. (Photo: imago images / blickwinkel) Dusseldorf It is a number that impresses – at least at first glance. Thyssen-Krupp should generate more than 17 billion euros if the sale of the profitable elevator division to a consortium of financial investors is completed in […]

Thyssen-Krupp owes the sale of the elevator division to this man

Volkmar Dinstuhl The manager negotiated many deals for Thyssen-Krupp. (Photo: ThyssenKrupp) Berlin, Dusseldorf Volkmar Dinstuhl is not a person of exuberant euphoria. When he makes the biggest deal of his life, he simply calls his state of mind satisfactory. However, he could have given himself a little more joy. Because Dinstuhl is the employee who […]

Thyssen-Krupp is entering a new era

NAfter the sale of the elevator division, Thyssen-Krupp is pushing ahead with the corporate restructuring. The proceeds will go entirely to covering pension obligations, deleveraging and strengthening the remaining businesses. According to CEO Martina Merz, there will be no special dividend, even though the income of EUR 17.2 billion is well above expectations. “We categorically […]

Bund is gearing up against Corona – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, the number of Corona cases in Germany rises rapidly. Authorities reported 21 more infected people yesterday. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone there are around 1000 people in domestic quarantine, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said yesterday that the situation had “worsened significantly”. From the federal government’s point of view, various measures are conceivable […]

Thyssen-Krupp sells elevator division for 17 billion euros

Dusseldorf The industrial group Thyssen-Krupp sells its business with elevators and escalators to financial investors. A consortium of Advent and Cinven will take over the division, the company said on Thursday after a supervisory board meeting. The controllers preferred the group to financial investors around Blackstone, Carlyle and the Canada Pension Plan. The sales value […]