Health: New corona vaccine from mid-September

A new corona vaccine should be available in doctor’s offices and pharmacies from September 18th. Pharmacies could order this until September 12, as the head of the North Rhine pharmacists’ association, Thomas Preis, told the Rheinische Post. He expects long lead times for appointments. According to Preis, medical practices are already preparing for an intensive […]

The mask requirement is now almost completely lifted

In the Corona crisis, further state protection requirements throughout Germany are history. As of this Wednesday, there will no longer be any testing requirements for access to health facilities. The mask requirement for employees in medical practices, clinics and care facilities has also been lifted. This is determined by a regulation of the Federal Ministry […]

Measures end – Corona is a disease like any other from today

Since March 2020, the corona virus has kept Austria in suspense. As of today, it is no longer a notifiable disease. Foto: Shutterstock-SamaraHeisz5, Shutterstock-SamaraHeisz5 Covid-19 will now be treated like any other non-notifiable disease. Tests for symptomatic people remain free. There weren’t many anymore anyway, today the last Corona measures are history. The National Council […]

Thousands of fines still pending due to corona violations in NRW

Corona regulations such as mask requirements and contact bans are now a thing of the past. But many cities are still busy collecting fines for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. 06/11/2023 | As of 06/11/2023, 8:47 a.m Cologne (dpa). Even months after all corona measures were abolished, thousands of fines are still open in […]

Corona measures – off for FFP2 mask requirement in hospitals

From May 1st, FFP2 masks will no longer be compulsory in the Burgenland Health Clinics (previously: KRAGES) in Oberwart, Oberpullendorf, Güssing and Kittsee and in the Brothers of Charity Hospital in Eisenstadt. The hospitals in Burgenland are thus following the nationwide regulation according to the most recent COVID-19 regulation. However, the fixed visiting hours during […]

Last days of the mask requirement: Widespread acceptance of guidelines

Berlin (dpa) – After three years in the Corona crisis, there are only a few days left: At Easter, the time for state protection requirements in the fight against the pandemic in Germany is over for the time being. After several relaxation steps, the last nationwide mask requirements in the healthcare sector will expire next […]

Second wave of flu in Germany – Corona more dangerous for the elderly

Since almost all corona measures have been withdrawn, the epidemiologists at the RKI can only appeal to common sense. “It therefore remains very important to implement the existing recommendations and, if symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a runny nose, sore throat or cough occur – regardless of the vaccination status and regardless of […]

Often willing to volunteer corona protection

Berlin (dpa) – According to a survey, the imminent end of the state corona requirements is met with majority approval – but according to their own statements, many want to continue to pay attention to certain protection voluntarily. In a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 41 […]

Corona: Further measures should end early on March 1st

Deutschland “Virus manageable in everyday life” Further corona measures should end early on March 1st Stand: 14.02.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes Further corona measures should end on March 1st The pandemic is losing its terror. From March 1st, most of the corona measures that are still in force will no longer apply. But isn’t […]