Corona: Rules in Saxony-Anhalt continue to apply until December 7th

The current Corona Ordinance in Saxony-Anhalt will be extended until December 7th. This leaves people with the existing rules, as the State Chancellery announced on Tuesday. Medical mouth and nose protection must still be worn in local public transport. Children under the age of six are exempt from the obligation. On St. Nicholas Day, December […]

Corona rules Baden-Württemberg in November 2022: quarantine & compulsory testing

The nationwide corona rules have also been in force in Baden-Württemberg since October. In addition, the mask requirement in public transport remains. An overview of the measures. After the summer is before the next Corona wave? Many virologists expect the number of infections to increase again in autumn. To counteract this, new corona rules […]

No mask requirement in Berlin: Not that easy

The Senate recommends wearing a mask but does not mandate it. The decision may be disappointing, but given the current situation it is appropriate. The Senate did not want to prescribe wearing the mask as intended Photo: dpa No mask requirement indoors, only the appeal to wear one yourself: the Senate came out of its […]

Corona pandemic: Do politicians now have to adjust the corona measures?

The situation in Bavaria’s clinics is tense. A Munich immunologist is also calling for masks to be compulsory in schools. How Bavaria’s Minister of Health assesses the situation. Incidences are currently falling Bayern. But the situation in the clinics is extremely tense – also because of Covid sufferers, emphasizes the chief physician at the […]

Baden-Württemberg: Kretschmann: For the time being, no mask requirement indoors

Baden-Wuerttemberg Kretschmann: For the time being, no mask requirement indoors 10/18/2022 1:59 p.m Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Despite the significantly increased number of corona cases, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann does not want to return to the mask requirement for the time being. “The Minister of Health is of the opinion that the peak has […]

Omicron wave: Small children are often immune to corona in the medium wave

“This is the first study to determine antibodies against the new coronavirus in small children after the omicron wave in Germany,” emphasizes study author Dr. Geraldine Engels. So far it has been clear that many small children must have been infected by the Omicron variant – but how many exactly was measured for the first […]

Corona: Buschmann falls into the trap of his shaky promises

opinion End of the Corona rules Buschmann falls into the trap of his shaky promises Stand: 04.10.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Lauterbach and Buschmann defend the new version of the Infection Protection Act Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) have defended the stricter corona rules planned for autumn. […]