Chronology of Cars Crash Carts and Motorcycles to the Crowd in Bandung

loading… screenshot Photo: Agung/SINDOnews BANDUNG – The police revealed the chronology of the accident that occurred in the street food area, Jalan Lengkong Kecil, Bandung City, Friday (1/4/2022) night. It is known, the accident involved a light blue car that hit a number of carts and motorbikes parked on the road. It was later discovered […]

Escape from Prison, Vampire Slaughter 10 Children Killed by Mobs

loading… BUNGOMA – A man Kenya Dubbed the “bloodthirsty vampire” Tews is beaten by a mob after escaping from prison. The nickname was given to him by the police for massacring 10 boys and drinking the blood of some of them. Masten Milimo Wanjala, 20, escaped from prison and fled to his hometown of Bungoma, […]