UK opts for “Korean strategy”

Thousands of “contact tracers” will be recruited to promote deconfinement. A technician works in a Covid-19 testing laboratory at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. The British government’s goal is to run 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month. ANDREW MILLIGAN / AFP London It’s a strategy “Korean style” to which […]

Will there be an “immunity license” soon?

Noch the republic is packed like cotton wool, public life has largely come to a standstill because of the epidemic of the novel corona virus. But right now, when the period of social isolation is particularly painful for many because of the holidays, mind games appear comforting, which are about how society can get back […]

Johnson and Substitute: What Can Dominic Raab Do?

AWhen Johnson’s cabinet minister is asked whether Dominic Raab also has command over the British army and nuclear weapons, he gives an evasive answer. What competencies Raab has as Johnson’s representative is unclear. A bad prerequisite for coping with the corona crisis. On Tuesday Boris Johnson stayed in the intensive care unit of the “St […]

Doctors threaten to leave the NHS due to lack of protective equipment

A massive NHS recruitment campaign to curb the risk of a coronavirus pandemic is being undermined by the prospect of doctors quitting for fear of inadequate protective equipment, groups that represent front-line workers say. Health minister Matt Hancock said Tuesday that 11,788 retired NHS workers had agreed to go back to work to deal with […]

A COVID-19 patient can infect 59,000 people

According to an expert, a coronavirus patient can infect 59,000 people. Dr. Hugh Montgomery, professor of intensive care medicine at University College London, has found how ignoring social distance can lead to a significant increase in infection rates, reports The Sun, Prof. Montgomery said 59,000 more people could be infected for every single coronavirus patient. […]

Coronavirus Live News: The latest update today as the death toll in the UK reaches 35

Why does the UK mortality rate seem to be above average? For anyone wondering why the mortality rate in the UK seems unusually high … It is currently essentially impossible to calculate the mortality rate using the official UK figures. This is because the government has already decided not to pursue every suspected case. Instead, […]

Coronavirus: Hancock urges social workers to be guaranteed sick pay World News

More than 100 MPs are calling on Minister of Health Matt Hancock to provide more assurance that social workers forced to drop shifts due to the coronavirus pandemic will receive adequate sick pay. NHS England issued guidelines instructing trusts to pay full sick pay to employees who need to isolate themselves from the illness. However, […]