Ustaz Hilmi Aminuddin Buried with COVID-19 Protocol – –

Ustaz Hilmi Aminuddin Buried with COVID-19 Protocol – Hilmi Aminuddin, regarding the Establishment of PKS to Become Chairperson of the Syuro Council – Bandung | This is the Profile of PKS Founder Hilmi Aminuddin PKS Faction Chairman Jazuli Juwaini Convey Grief: Goodbye Our Teacher and Supervisor Kompas TV Hilmi Aminuddin’s Body Will […]

Hilmi Aminuddin’s body will be buried according to the Covid-19 Protocol in Bandung

PKS Syuro Council Founder and Former Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin. (Source: COMPASS / ALIF ICHWAN) KOMPAS.TV – Founder and former Chairman of the Syuro Council of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Hilmi Aminuddin died. Hilmi Aminuddin died at Santosa Central Hospital, Bandung, West Java, on Tuesday (6/30/2020) at around 14.24 WIB. Hilmi Aminuddin’s body will be […]

PKS Politicians’ Grief and Prayer for Hilmi Aminuddin Pages all

JAKARTA, – PKS DPP Chairman Mardani Ali Sera expressed his sorrow for the death of PKS founder Hilmi Aminuddin. He prayed for the late Hilmi to find the best place in the presence of Allah Almighty, and the family he had left behind with perseverance. “Please pray for the deceased khusnul khotimah and his […]