The McDonalds restaurant was in operation near Prague, the code is 10 million

illustrate snmek | photo: HZS Prague The firefighters came out in the city around midnight. Originally, it was mucus as a wiring around the fuse boxes, Gabriel said. Ohe spilled and on the wall construction. Several fire brigades from Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, including all technicians, intervened in the town. The pore was … Read more

Imperial Manager installs McDonald’s in Ribeira do Porto – Comércio

With magnificent views over the Ribeira and Ponte da Arrábida, this Thursday, May 6, opened the Porto Ribeira restaurant, McDonald’s new space at Invicta. Installed in a building with five floors, whose rehabilitation costs were borne by the tenant McDonald’s, it is a building from the beginning of the century. XX, which hosted in the … Read more

pokemon | mercamundo

Pokémon Go surprisingly continues to be played by many people around the world and curiously, within the group of players, there are already the Canadian military forces. Pokémon for the army Let’s be serious, Pokémon is already extremely popular in the world to the degree that it is almost impossible not to have heard the … Read more

Tik Tok: this is what a McDonald’s hamburger looks like kept for 24 years | Viral | Photos – People – Culture

An American woman says she kept a McDonald’s hamburger and fries in her closet for 24 years and revealed that the food looks like it was just bought. (You may also be interested in: They record brutal beating of a McDonald’s cashier who asked to wear a mask). Behind this statement is the TikTok user … Read more

McDonald’s closes in Liestal – Baselland – Basel – resp

Most restaurants have been eagerly waiting to be able to open again after the corona lockdown. The McDonald’s branch at Liestal station, on the other hand, remains closed – forever. Deborah Murith, media spokeswoman for McDonald’s Switzerland, confirms a corresponding report from the “Basler Zeitung” yesterday. “Due to the premises of the old building, the … Read more