Big words, lack of transparency: How big companies practice environmental protection

The authors therefore advise politicians to set rules: “More rigor, consistency, transparency and accountability are needed to ensure that corporate nature restoration delivers quantifiable, useful and equitable results,” say the researchers. The impact on the environment by large companies is enormous, “now political measures must determine whether this change is for the better or for […]

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The lungs are responsible for breathing. When inhaled, it fills with air via the trachea and bronchi. The gas exchange between blood and air then takes place in the pulmonary alveoli: the blood is enriched with oxygen from the breathing air in order to supply the organs. At the same time, carbon dioxide is removed […]

No connection found between corona vaccination and menstrual disorders

The background to the survey is the increased occurrence of self-reports of women about changes in their periods after vaccination. Although the observations may be troubling for those affected, self-reported assessments of medical associations are unreliable, the researchers said. The investigation relies on the evaluation of health data from almost three million women. Through the […]

MDR WISSEN News: No connection between corona vaccination and menstrual disorders

05/04/2023 09:00 | Leuna: New plant for gentle processing of rapeseed put into operation the am Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBThe test facility installed in P is used not only for the production of high-quality oils in pre-refined quality, but also for rapeseed concentrate rich in high-quality proteins, secondary plant substances dissolved in ethanol […]

“Sifting Out Lithium: Advancements in Geothermal Extraction Methods”

Sifting out lithium: not easy, but doable However, extracting the metal is anything but easy because “lithium ions compete with many other ions,” explains Ehrenberg. And of course this process can only succeed if it is economical and ecological, according to the researchers. Together with partners from industry (EnBW, Hydrosion GmbH) and scientists from the […]

Thrombosis Research: Why Brown Bears Don’t Get Blood Clots During Hibernation

It all started with Ole Frøbert, a Danish cardiologist working in Sweden who, in the 2000s, wondered why hibernating animals didn’t have the same problems as some of his patients. He began a collaboration with the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project to study this. Bears, he wrote in a 2015 report, don’t have most of […]

Why don’t we find extraterrestrial life on alien planets?

One of the most important building blocks for the emergence of life is water. This is precisely why astronomers and astrophysicists search the universe for water-rich planets that move in a habitable range around their host star, the habitable zone. So far they haven’t spotted any aliens or what appears to be microbiologically small creatures. […]