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That’s how realistic Darth Vader’s suit is

The hour of birth of Darth Vader is what certain death would have been for normal people. Because after Anakin Skywalker lost both hands and legs in battle, he also falls into lava and suffers quite severe burns. The only thing that can save him is a high-tech suit, packed full of life-support devices. For … Read more

Social polarization: “Political education is not a fire brigade”

How high is the risk of being exposed to disinformation? There was disinformation before. But today there are a much higher number of media channels than before. When I was little there were three programs on TV. Today the number of programs has grown many times over, not only on television but also on the … Read more

Study in Leipzig shows possibilities for concerts under corona conditions

Large events are possible in the corona pandemic under certain conditions. This is the result of researchers from the “Restart-19” corona experiment in the Leipzig arena, who presented their results on Thursday. Above all, good ventilation, a mask requirement and compliance with distance rules are important. In addition, the guests would have to stay in … Read more

Partners influence their health – mostly negatively

In good and bad times: With this promise, many people manifest their partnership and go into marriage – especially with the hope of good things. But apparently rather bad habits are adopted, at least when it comes to health. In almost 80 percent of relationships, the partners adopt unhealthy habits such as poor diet or … Read more

Jena researchers find beneficial bacterial poison

As the team headed by Oliver Werz from Friedrich Schiller University reports in the specialist magazine Cell Reports, M2 macrophages are apparently stimulated by the bacterial toxin and produce messenger substances that reduce inflammation. “So they are a kind of cellular garbage disposal”, says Paul Jordan, first author of the new study on the M2 … Read more

HPV: Antibodies can be warning signs of cancer

When it comes to the human papillomavirus, many people think of the cervix in women, which is caused by the pathogen. What is less well known, however, is that the HP viruses – especially the high-risk type HPV-16 – can also trigger carcinomas in men, for example in the anal and throat / tongue area … Read more

37 degrees in Siberia? Science warns of a fiery Arctic summer

The whole of June 2020 in the Siberian Arctic region was five degrees Celsius warmer than usual, even if you include the years 2018/2019. The world meteorological organization WMO is currently still trying to verify whether people in the city of Verkhoyansk in Yakutia in eastern Siberia were even sweating at 38 degrees on June … Read more

New record temperature: almost 20 degrees near the South Pole

18.4 degrees is the new record temperature on the Antarctic continent. It was measured on February 6th by the Argentine research station Esperanza. It was just as warm near the South Pole as in Los Angeles on the same day, NASA announced. The research station is located at the northern end of the West Antarctic … Read more

Covid-19: Severe course – strong immune response

The results are still a preprint – a preliminary publication, so they have not yet been reviewed by other scientists. However, Professor Martina Sester’s research team believes they are so important that the research results have already been published. Because, contrary to previous statements, they showed that people who were seriously ill with Covid-19 then … Read more

Smoking weed during pregnancy increases the risk of autism

Scientists from the maternity hospital in the Canadian capital Ottawa have evaluated data on cannabis and pregnancy. In doing so, they discovered a potential risk for the babies. As the team led by obstetrician Mark Walker reports in the journal Nature Medicine, the children had a significantly higher risk of developing autism if the mothers … Read more