Suppliers in Stuttgart: Mahle’s difficult path into the future – economy

The development towards e-mobility devours millions in car construction. The Stuttgart-based supplier Mahle has secured a low-interest loan from the European Investment Bank. Wearing safety shoes is mandatory at Mahle. However, they seem like a relic from a time when the Stuttgart-based automotive supplier made its money primarily with pistons, filter systems and heavy engine […]

There is nothing yet: a wave of rough closings is coming from January

In other words, there is no clever business model that can be used to eliminate a tenfold increase in gas prices – László Kovács, the president of the Hungarian Hospitality Industry Board, told vászá According to the expert, the current crisis is a completely different crisis than the one we experienced during the coronavirus epidemic. […]

‘As a church you can jump in right away’

NOS NOS News•Sunday, 22:21 “Donate your energy allowance if you can afford it.” That is the appeal that churches in the municipality of Westland have made. The initiative is one of many ways churches across the country are trying to help people in energy poverty. Joop van Rossem is one of the initiators of the […]

Precariousness in Rennes. The restaurant offers 50 meals to students

After the “suspended meals” operation a year ago, Les Bouffons de la cuisine, a charitable association for the food trades which fights against exclusion and promotes good eating, has just offered fifty complete meals to students, to fight against precariousness. They had previously registered online to pick up their meal, Tuesday March 29, 2022, at […]

tips to diet this year 2022

The arrival of a new year means for people to unleash new dreams, goals and ideals, all adopted with the purpose of achieving the ideal of a better life. Among the wish lists many people include physical changes to your body, that often go hand in hand with gym memberships or extreme diet transformations to […]