More than half a million people watch Corrie and her men | NOW

530,000 people watched it on Saturday evening Corrie and her men on NPO1, according to figures from Stichting KijkOnderzoek. The show program was broadcast in memory of Corrie van Gorp. The Rotterdam dancer, singer, actress and comedienne died on November 22 at the age of 78. In the seventies, eighties and nineties, Van Gorp could […]

Linde Schöne: ‘I gave away too much leadership in the past’ | NOW

Linde Schöne releases her debut album after a silence of about three years Just a little while from. The Nijmegen singer has firmly in hand this time, but says in conversation with that this has sometimes been different in the past. Schöne released her debut EP in 2016 Love From The Floor out and […]

Maike Meijer never auditions again: ‘I will never be it anyway’ | NOW

Maike Meijer has stopped doing auditions, because she says she never succeeds in obtaining roles that way. That tells the Gates Cactress Saturday in Het Parool. “I will never be,” said Meijer. The auditions can be painful experiences. “I did the worst two years ago, before the musical ‘t Schaep with the 5 legs. That […]

Man arrested for threatening NPO FunX and FunX presenter | NOW

The police arrested a 24-year-old man from The Hague on Monday for threatening a FunX DJ and FunX during Ramadan, the police reported in a press release on Tuesday. Several employees of FunX received death threats as a result of the radio program Ramadan Late Night. The media platform has discontinued the program partly because […]

Singer Nothing But Thieves: ‘I wouldn’t mind living in America’ | NOW

Conor Mason, lead singer of British rock band Nothing But Thieves, is convinced that he would die mentally from a life in the United States. In conversation with, the singer explains who is on the band’s new record Moral Panic social problems, that he finds the political situation in America terrifying. “From a British […]

NPO stops with art and culture program Mondo | NOW

The arts and culture program World stops after this season. According to the NPO, the VPRO program is insufficiently suited to the NPO2 audience. “We are with great ambition and enthusiasm World started. Unfortunately, after consultation with the VPRO, we had to conclude that this program does not sufficiently suit the NPO2 audience, “said network […]

Jeroen Pauw starts on November 8 with new talk show Pauw comes Inside | NOW

Jeroen Pauw will start his new program on Sunday 8 November Pauw comes in, BNNVARA announced on Friday. Each time the talk show will be recorded elsewhere, for example in a hospital, a tbs clinic or a nursing home. The first episode will be recorded at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, where Pauw will talk to […]