Horse racing: Refusal of jockeys to ride without proper insurance, the CEO reacts

CEO Khoolwant Ubheeram of Peopleʹs Turf, said, for his part, that a solution will be found before this Sunday. As a reminder, jockeys do not want to go racing without proper insurance because their current medical coverage is only valid for the MTC/MTCSL.But the first day, announced for this Sunday, is organized by People’s Turf […]

Health: agreement with a hospital in India

In order to allow Mauritian children to benefit from operations deemed “complex” abroad, the Ministry of Health has decided to sign an agreement, a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital, located in Bangalore , India. This was announced by Kailesh Jagutpal, this Saturday, May 14. It was in this same hospital that the […]

Hit by bullet in Barkly: François Gowin was able to leave the hospital

He was able to leave Victoria Hospital in Candos this week. François Gowin had been admitted there after being shot and wounded during the incidents that occurred at Résidence Barkly on April 22. Doctors were able to extract the bullet that had hit the 28-year-old man. It was sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for […]

Covid-19: death of a septuagenarian at the ENT hospital

Covid-19 claimed a new victim at the ENT hospital on Sunday May 1. This is a 76-year-old woman who was doubly vaccinated with Covishield. She had also done a “booster dose” of Pfizer. According to Health, she suffered from several comorbidities. The septuagenarian had been hospitalized since April 28. In Rodrigues, seven new positive cases […]

Building collapse in China: tiny hope of finding survivors

Hopes of finding survivors in China three days after a building collapsed are now dim as a crucial window for relief ended on Monday. The eight-storey building, which housed a hotel, apartments and a cinema, collapsed in the city of Changsha (center) on Friday for an undetermined reason. On Sunday evening, a seventh person was […]

[INFO SOIRÉE] : His lawyer: “Can’t flout demokrasi”

Contents of this Tuesday, April 26, 2022: • Despite a Supreme Court injunction, a 51-year-old Slovak was deported on Tuesday. In any case, this is what his lawyer, Yatin Varma, says. The lawyer and president of the Bar Council speaks of a flouted democracy. Peter Uricek is suspected of being involved in drug trafficking in […]