Florida veterans are fighting with a proposed THC limit on medical marijuana

click to enlarge Photo through Florida News Service Veterans are pushing back against a proposal that is supported by House leaders who would limit THC’s size in medical marijuana, the effort they say is not based on science and it could be harmful to old soldiers with stress disorder post – traumatic. t José Oliva, […]

Pet owners who adopt CBD, cannabis remedies to treat their sick animals

The most recent additions to pet kits come courtesy of the cannabis sativa plant. Faithfully following in the footsteps of their elderly owners, who increasingly adopt medical marijuana and over-the-counter CBD remedies, dogs and cats are being treated for many of the same ailments (e.g., pain, inflammation, seizures) that affect your humans “It seems that […]

New Mexico considers cannabis subsidies, crime violation National Politics

FILE – Photo photo in June 11, 2019 l. Marijuana equipment lines along a window at Minerva’s medical medical dispensary in Santa Fe, NM New Mexico would provide unrelated marijuana recreational sales to cities and counties dissenting on a re-stated proposal form which highlights small business opportunities and ready access to pot for 80,000 current […]