The Russian ship that “challenges” the US aircraft carrier: high voltage in Calabria

Ever since Turkey banned Russian ships from crossing the Bosphorus, Putin’s fleets have had to explore alternative routes to continue the invasion of Ukraine. One of these roads is precisely “our” Mediterranean, where Russian vessels are venturing, despite the presence of US or NATO ships. A satellite image taken yesterday, Thursday 7 April, and posted […]

Global warming threatens three billion people

04 March 2022 11:43 The “assessment reports” of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been used in the past to take stock of scientific extrapolations, model results, and similar studies relating to probable and frightening futures. The sixth and final evaluation report, which comes eight years after the previous one, shows how much […]

Low cost mini-cruises in the Mediterranean: it’s time to set sail

The mini-cruises in the Mediterranean are about to set sail. MSC has just launched a low cost offer to leave for a few days aboard its ships in total safety. The mini-cruises can last from three to six nights and there are offers, which expire on September 6, starting from 149 euros per passenger. There […]