Afraid to Spread the Virus, Covid-19 Patients Haunted by Guilt

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Covid-19 also affects a person’s mentality. Health experts have seen that some Covid-19 patients experience increased guilt and fear of spreading the virus. “Many people experience mixed emotions, including fear and guilt for infecting other people,” said Rachel Potter, a licensed social worker at Mount Sinai, National Institute of Jewish Pulmonary Health. […]

Shift for mental health – Editorial of EL TIEMPO – Editorial – Opinion

Although we are still far from turning the page of covid-19, almost five months after the first case was registered in Colombia, the waters begin to settle on some fronts and reveal other challenges that the country will have to face, derived from the pandemic and the measures taken to confront it. This is the […]

Parents Need to Know the Condition of Mental Health Children – Not only physical health, children’s mental health is also a matter that needs attention. This condition can determine in various circumstances, including in the era of adaptation of new habits at this time. Child psychologist from the Indonesian Clinical Psychologist Association, Annelia Sani Sari said, there are special features to recognize a mentally […]

“A country of the mentally ill ruled by an irresponsible Prime Minister!”

Andenne is one of the municipalities that has had no reported cases in the past seven days. However, his mayor Claude Eerdekens (PS) has recovered. It is not the announcement of the measures taken by Sophie Wilmès during the National Security Council that will lessen her anger. “I am in a country of the mentally […]