Servant of the Nation Polish version of the TV series Polsat Volodymyr Zelenski

“Servant of the Nation” is a 2015 Ukrainian series produced by Studio Kwartał 95, which was broadcast on 1 + 1. The main role of the political comedy is played by the current president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who plays the role of the teacher Vasyl Petrovich Goloborodko in the production. A man becomes […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – Building law must be changed

Canton Bern | 12. May 2022 According to the Federal Supreme Court, it is unlawful that property owners in some Bernese municipalities do not have to pay any value-added tax when rezoning or rezoning. The owners in Adelboden will also be affected by the revision of the building law.Photo: Keystone, Peter Schneider This emerges from […]

Season 9 and free weekend starting May 13th

That’s long-lived – the ninth season brings new weapons and opponents, and a fresh game mode is also waiting. As a cherry on top, the loot shooter can be tried out for free next weekend. The currently best IP from Ubisoft is finally getting a second look: In addition to the obligatory title update, the […]

Jakob Rosenthaler made it into the top 20

May 12th, 2022 / Katzensteiner Sport-Press MX / Supermoto / MiniBike / Circuit / Moto3 – RTR Racing Team Rosenthaler: Jakob Rosenthaler made it into the top 20 at the season opener in the Moto3 Junior World Championship! At the season opener of the FIM JuniorGP World Championship series in Estoril (Portugal), Austria’s only starter […]

“Living as a woman bothers me”

Luisa Heim is 23 years old and lives in Darmstadt. Home works in one law firm and translates there into German, English, French and Spanish. Luisa Heim is also involved with the Green Youth in Darmstadt. (elsa) Man and woman – it’s not that simple. Some people see themselves neither this way nor that, and […]

This saves money on insurance

It’s worth taking a closer look: is this or that insurance really necessary? If not: away with it! (Image: dpa) (Photo: Christin Klose/dpa-tmn) Hamburg/Düsseldorf – Consumer prices have risen. You notice that not least in the supermarket or at the gas station. The question arises: Can money be saved somewhere else in return? Yes, for […]

E-scooters are to be given fixed parking spaces in Darmstadt

Two on the right, two on the left, drop two: So far there are no fixed parking areas for e-scooters in Darmstadt – but they should come. The city is planning a special use statute. Frankfurt is already in the process of designating zones. (Archivfoto: Guido Schiek) Ujqvmzbzx K Johyvyvfziufwwaxe Ibnk Zyyxblxhiqtzyyb Rmr Fu Cnn […]

On Europe Day: IG Metall calls for more European cooperation

On Europe Day (9 May), the IG Metall trade union called for more European cooperation. The idea of ​​Europe has not faded as a result of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression, said Thorsten Gröger, district manager of IG Metall in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, on Sunday. “On the contrary: Even if the […]

A lot of money for the district of Bergstrasse

Urban development funding is a success story, says Michael Meister (CDU). The federal government recently transferred almost 3.6 million euros to municipalities in the Bergstrasse district. The city of Lorsch, in the picture the market square, received one million euros from the federal government in 2021 from the program for urban development. (Archive photo: Hans-Jürgen […]