Discussion Do the SchUM cities belong under the protection of UNESCO?

Discuss: Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer – President of the German Unesco Commission, Bonn, Florence Fischer – Art historian at Heidelberg University, Dr. Susanne Urban – managing director of the association SchUM-Städte Speyer, Worms, Mainz e.V. In the Middle Ages, Mainz, Worms and Speyer experienced a unique blossoming of Jewish life. They are the SchUM cities, […]

“The Child Executioners”, a bad seed of hate

The purpose of this book is “An excruciating story in which little boys between the ages of two (!) And twelve kill, torture, assault or eviscerate corpses, burn them or throw them into the river”. Thus in Toulon, in 1562, a Huguenot was dragged, still alive, then stoned and burned by the children of the […]

Drago Jancar: the plague and the devil on the heels

Johannes Ott has an extraordinary descent. Drunk more often than in turn, he sails by sight in a central Europe plagued by plague and obscurantism. We meet him in a dismal chapel, where a Saint Sebastian skewered cold in the back, we will find him, after more than 300 pages in the same places, still […]

“Forward”, from elves

For those to whom the title of the new film from the Pixar studios would remind a little too quickly the name of a detestable party in power, note thatForward Dan Scanlon sounds more like a critic of progress than anything else. The title is also a joke, a spirit of contradiction of the house […]

Covid-19, empty passage – Culture / Next

“Oyez, oyez, the coronavirus circus, under its new name Covid-19, will pass through town! Wash your hands ! Wear your masks! Avoid hugging anyone – and happy Valentine’s Day anyway! Above all, don’t miss the opportunity to miss out! ” The photo is dated Tuesday. It would have been taken in the streets of Panyu, […]