Vienna closes schools in some areas Upper Austria – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, JULY 02 – In Austria the infections return to rise (677 active cases) and in some areas of Upper Austria the closure of schools has been ordered. The outbreak would be a free church in Linz, frequented by migrants. In Upper Austria yesterday the infections increased by 129 cases, while today – […]

In flames cemeteries boats to Lampedusa – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – LAMPEDUSA, 05 JUN -, THE old barges used by the migrants to arrive in Lampedusa, which is stored in two areas of the island, were given to the flames. The fires are flaring in the area adjacent to the sports field and in the storage of Head To The West. Columns of black […]

Libya, human portrait of a big puzzle | Future Planet

Ten years of work from Niger to Bangladesh, crossing the borders of a dozen African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Ten years of fluctuations to always return to a place: Libya, dangerous territory and the spotlight of Ricardo García Vilanova, (Barcelona, ​​1972), photographer with more than 20 years of experience and recognized with numerous international […]

Turkey, Russia and Syria peek into the abyss of an open conflict | International

Syrian forces in the Syrian city of Darbasiyah, near the border with Turkey, last Monday. On video, the Syrian army kills 33 Turkish soldiers on the border between the two countries. Photo: AFP | Video: ATLAS Russia strengthens its presence on the Syrian coast. Moscow has sent two warships equipped with cruise missiles to the […]

Open Arms, here are all the accusations against Salvini. It was not a political act

Keeping migrants on board the Open Arms for 20 days was a kidnapping and not a political act: the judges of the court of ministers write in the report sent to the Senate. The former interior minister accused of abusing his power and violating international conventions. He acted independently According to the court of ministers, […]

Migrants to Lesbos: “Take in some children in winter”

“Freedom, freedom”, people shouted and demanded that they be brought immediately to mainland Greece and from there to other EU countries: around 2,000 migrants left the overcrowded registration camp Moria on the island of Lesbos on Monday and set off for made the island’s capital Mytilini to demonstrate against the tightening of asylum law in […]

363 migrants rescued by the ‘Open Arms’ land in Italy | International

The rescued migrants have landed in the port of Pozzallo in Italy. GIANFRANCO DI MARTINO efe Boat Open arms It has already reached the Italian coast and has landed at the port of Pozzallo 363 migrants and refugees traveling on board the boat after five bailouts in Mediterranean waters. “Once all the sanitary protocols have […]