Trump opponents’ election campaign: what will become of Warren?

She still needs some room to think, said Elizabeth Warren on Thursday. After the Massachusetts senator ended her pre-election campaign, neither leftist Bernie Sanders nor the moderates’ favorite, Joe Biden, wanted to vote. With Warren’s withdrawal, the most diverse field of applicants the Democrats have ever had is now shrunk to two old white men. […]

Joe Biden destroys Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders’ claim that Joe Biden flatly won the Super Tuesday for “corporate establishment” is absurd, the former vice president said in an interview issued Thursday in the United States. “It’s ridiculous. Bernie was hit by the overwhelming support I have from the African-American community, Bernie. You were beaten by women in the suburbs, […]

Bernie Sanders and the media

Can also feel the headwind from their own ranks: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on the evening of the primary in Nevada Picture: Getty During the primaries, one in particular frightens the Democrats – at least when it comes to the media: Bernie Sanders. He senses a conspiracy of the “large group press”. Whe is […]

Clint Eastwood speaks for billionaire Bloomberg

Actor and director Clint Eastwood was previously a staunch Republican. Now, however, he speaks for the democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Picture: AFP In the last presidential election, the actor and professed Republican also supported Donald Trump. Today he complains of his “disgusting” policy and believes putting Bloomberg in office is “the best we can […]

Trump gets the height of Bloomberg and he calls him ‘crazy clown’

New York, USA. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, returned to the stature of the former mayor of New York and candidate in the Democratic primary, Mike Bloomberg, who in turn called him “crazy clown carnival“, a new rifirrafe that places Bloomberg in the democrat with whom Trump more rivals In his rampant […]

Higher taxes for America’s empires

DDemocratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants to raise taxes for top earners and the rich according to his election program – which should also cost him a lot of money. The additional income is to be used to finance necessary investments in health care, infrastructure, education and the fight against climate change, multimillionaire Bloomberg said […]