Elon Musk still sees a few unanswered questions before buying Twitter

Doha According to Elon Musk, not everything has been clarified with the purchase of the US short message service Twitter. There are still unresolved questions about the offer, said the Tesla boss on Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum organized by the Bloomberg news agency. This affects the number of false and spam accounts, but […]

This is Bill Gates’ strategy to be rich: you can imitate it

Bill Gatesone of the most recognized businessmen of all time, amassed a great fortune that placed him among the richest men in the world for three decades. Although in 2008 he stopped being in charge of Microsoft, a company he founded with Paul Allen. On June 16, 2006, the businessman announced his intention to leave […]

Amber Heard: Who is the actress? – People – Culture

There are many news that come out every day in the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. However, beyond the doubts about which of the two will win the highly controversial litigation, Internet users begin to wonder about the life of that woman who has “between the ropes” the one also known as ‘Scissor […]

These are ALL Marc Anthony’s businesses that made him a MILLIONAIRE

The name of Marc Anthony He is well known in the world of entertainment, because in addition to being a singer and actor, he has been one of the most mediatic couples of superstar Jennifer López, with whom he was even married for several years, however, his intelligence in the business turned it into millionaire. […]

These are ALL the businesses of Inés Gómez Mont that made her a MILLIONAIRE

Since his passage through the media, Inés Gómez Mont She became one of the most popular conductors in Mexico, because at first her fresh and relaxed way of approaching the issues of approaching the shows caught the attention of viewers, however, this facet was not what led her to get a great fortune, but took […]

YouTube viral | Raddim Passer, the millionaire who drove at 417 kilometers per hour and was reprimanded by the authorities | viral video | trends | Czech Republic | Germany | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

Radim Passer is a millionaire from the Czech Republic who recently went viral for recording himself driving a luxury car at 417 kilometers per hour, but he never thought he would run into the authorities. the video was made trend in social networks What YouTube, where he got a number of comments. To pass owns […]

River’s world record that Bayern Munich could not reach when thrashed

The good news does not stop arriving at the door of the Monumental. It is that this afternoon, Bayern Munich, who threatened River with reaching its world record of being the team that scored the most goals in consecutive games, did not score and lost an unbeatable chance to continue approaching the mark that has […]