UAE’s Chimera Capital launches an initial $2 billion trust fund

Dubai – Mubasher: Chimera Capital, a subsidiary of Chimera Investments, announced the launch of the Alpha Wave Private Trust Fund, an open-ended trust fund, with investment pledges of $2 billion. The company launched the fund jointly with Alpha Wave Global, an investment firm that manages a range of investment funds across various asset classes, according […]

Union Properties: Announcing several projects in the fourth quarter 2022

Dubai – Mubasher: Union Properties has resumed work in real estate development and will announce several projects during the fourth quarter of this year. Amer Khan Sahib, a member of the board of directors and managing director of the company, said in a statement to Al Arabiya TV that the company is working on a […]

ESG Stallions UAE adds activities to its trade license

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The board of directors of the company approved “ESG Stallions UAE” During his meeting, he decided to add commercial activities to the commercial license and the company’s articles of association. The company indicated in a statement that the commercial activities that will be added are: management services for companies and private […]

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | The early universe without metals

An American observatory stated that the first stars in the universe were significantly different from the Sun and similar stars, because they did not contain metals. The press service of the American observatory “Noire Lab” said in a statement carried by Sputnik yesterday that minerals were formed only in the course of thermonuclear fusion, and […]

International institutions expect positive performance of UAE banks

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The “S&P” credit rating agency indicated in a report that banks in the UAE are moving forward on their way back to their strong performance before the outbreak of “Covid 19” at the beginning of 2020. . According to the report, the agency expected that banks in the UAE would return, […]