The Tea Party revives in Madrid

05/17/2020 05:00 – Updated: 05/17/2020 06:05 Advanced in The ‘New York Times’ published a few weeks ago a work by the researcher Lisa Graves in which he accurately described those behind the protests against the state-mandated stay-at-home obligation to fight the pandemic. Lisa Graves is the executive director of True North Research, a nonprofit organization […]

How Trump celebrates the failed impeachment process

“Trump acquitted”: It is the Washington Post of all that Trump holds up in the East Room of the White House this afternoon, while the Republicans applaud the audience. He actually despises the old-established newspaper, likes to subsume it under the “failing press”. Perhaps he will frame this copy, jokes the President. He has come […]

Trump celebrates impeachment

Washington After the acquittal of US President Donald Trump in impeachment proceedings against him, the Democrats and the White House fight for sovereignty of interpretation. Trump had a one-hour speech at the White House on Thursday when he commented on the outcome of the impeachment. “It’s a festival,” he said to supporters, cabinet members, high-ranking […]

Trump remains in office: Democrats call acquittal worthless

DDonald Trump has every reason to cheer: The impeachment proceedings against the American president ended with an acquittal on all charges. On Thursday (6:00 p.m. CET) Trump wants to make a public statement. After the judgment of the Senate on Wednesday, he already spoke on Twitter of a “victory” for the country over the “impeachment […]

The Great Kungelei of Erfurt – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, there is a set of Christian Lindner, one would like to hang it beautifully framed in every FDP business room these days: “It is better not to govern than to govern wrong.” With these words, the party leader rejected a “Jamaica” in November 2017 – Coalition founded in the federal government. […]

Donald Trump acquitted by the US Senate

Correspondent in Washington, Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate on Wednesday by 52 votes to 48 of the abuse of power charge. The senators, by 52 votes to 47, also acquitted him of congressional obstruction, the second count. On Wednesday afternoon, senators responded to the call for their names in a formal vote, which […]

The United States Senate acquits Donald Trump in the ‘impeachment’ | U.S

The history of a country, seen closely, while setting, can be tedious, even vulgar. In the two weeks that the third trial has lasted for a president since the founding of the United States, senators have been seen doing crosswords and paper planes, dozing and smuggling candy in the room. The marathon sessions have shown […]

US President Trump acquitted of abuse of office

The White House welcomed the acquittal and again condemned the trial of the US President. The impeachment has relieved Trump completely, said spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham. “As we have said all along, he is not guilty.” Only the President’s opponents – all Democrats and a “failed Republican presidential candidate” – Senator Mitt Romney – would have […]

Last minute of the ‘impeachment’ vote on Trump, live | International

Yolanda Monge At the gates of the Capitol, a man carries a banner in which he calls“cowards” to the senators for voting in favor of exonerating Donald Trump. Photo: Getty 02/05/2020 22:09 Pablo Ximenez de Sandoval These are minutes of video for the story. The solemn reading of the charges and the decision of the […]