“Behind the High Price: Materials and Technology of Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses”

Expectations around Apple’s augmented reality glasses are growing. According to the latest information, these long-awaited glasses could be sold at a price of around 3000 dollars (about 2560 euros). However, a recent revelation sheds light on the true cost of the materials used in their manufacture, which amounts to only half that amount. Apple’s augmented […]

Watch Chunghwa Telecom for the 2023 WBC Baseball Classic!Exclusive multi-angle + multi-firefly rewatch Hami Video Group A 10 games for free | ETtoday Sports News

Rewrite this content ▲ Chunghwa Telecom MOD and Hami Video obtained the exclusive rights to broadcast the 2023 WBC Baseball Classic on the Internet. (Photo/provided by Chunghwa Telecom, the same below) Life Center / General Report Baseball fans have been waiting for the 2023 WBC Baseball Classic in March! This year’s ball game was held […]

Magic is not enough. 9mm is the answer. Hogwarts Legacy Gun Mod.

Tired of using a magic wand to solve problems?? After starting a mod Hogwarts Legacy For everyone to download, whether it’s a Thomas train mod or turning a school picture into a GIF Vtuber dancing, there are mods from Thailand who have created a ‘gun mod’ for players to use instead of wands. This mod […]