The last piece from Ford’s previous flagship was also completed

The Ford Mondeo was introduced as the successor to the Ford Sierra 29 years ago. The American manufacturer made a good horse with the sedan and station wagon type, although over time, its popularity in the market began to decline significantly. Last year, it was announced that production of the Mondeo would be discontinued, and […]

Ford has stopped producing Mondeo for Europe, and will continue in China only

The last pieces left the production line of the Spanish Almussae plant earlier this week. The fate of the European Ford Mondeo was decided last year, but only this week the carmaker produced the last pieces, as Federico Ertl, one of the technicians in the Spanish factory of the Ford carmaker, informed on its LinkedIn […]

The Last Mondeo. Once upon a time, a Ford vEurope model after 29 years of con

The finished production of the fourth generation of the famous Ford coincides with the 29 years since the start of production of the original Mondeo. The three centuries of the existence of this model illustrate the development of the automotive market and the various features in Europe. In total, five million units were sold, but […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The last Ford Mondeo is ready

Ford introduced the Mondeo in 1992, which was intended to be a world car, but eventually played an important role in the company’s history, primarily in Europe. The first Mondeo replaced the long line of rear-wheel-drive, mid-range models, the Taunus, Cortinas and Sierra: it was the first front-wheel drive Ford in this size. His career […]

Ford Mondeo 2022 | Lead

Boldly moving away from Ford’s previously known global image, the Mondeo continues its 30-year history with a new generation of models. It would have been luckier, of course, to say that a well-known, patinated model name was applied to a car without precedent. At the same time, the model is appealing in addition to its […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The new Ford Mondeo is unveiled

Until the last twist, Ford has introduced a new model called the Mondeo. This inherited the features of the previously unveiled Evos and will be even bigger than its previous European namesake. 3 Gallery: Changan Ford Mondeo 2022- The difference is 2.3 inches in width and 6.3 inches in length, meaning the new Mondeo is […]

Ford has officially unveiled the new Mondeo, targeting mainly China

The new generation of the popular sedan relies on the design of a sports coupe and targets mainly China. Ford today officially unveiled a brand new Ford Mondeo at its new Chinese Design Center in Shanghai, which promises rich technological equipment and its sporty coupe-style design should unveil the carmaker’s new design language for the […]

Totalcar – Magazine – This will be the next Ford Mondeo

It is becoming less and less good to sell a traditional car in North America and Europe, but China is still waiting with open arms for old-fashioned sedans. The successor to the Mondeo has also been uncovered in China in connection with mandatory official investigations. 3 Gallery: Ford Mondeo 2022 leaked images From the pictures, […]

This is the new Ford Mondeo. But will it arrive in Europe in this form as well?

The Ford Mondeo successor is slowly approaching. He has already introduced himself in China, but at the moment it is still not clear whether such a car will arrive in Europe. The Ford Mondeo has been an integral part of the brand’s European offering since the early 1990s; in 1992, the so-called mid-range model replaced […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The electric Mustang overtook the Mondeo in Europe

Data for the first nine months of this year show that the Ford Mondeo has completely lost its previous customer base by the end of its career, while the Mustang Mach-E is becoming increasingly popular with customers. 9 Gallery: Ford Mondeo 2019 A total of 10,427 Mondeos went in the first three quarters of the […]