Glyphosate lawsuits: Bayer’s billion dollar deal still harbors these risks

AWhen Bayer CEO Werner Baumann announced the great liberation for the group this week, he could not hide his anger for a brief moment. Although he was relieved that a comparison with the majority of the plaintiffs’ lawyers had now been found, the CEO said in a conference call with journalists. “But the fact that […]

Is the Roundup weed killer harmless to humans? – Garden – House

The State Plant Protection Service (VAAD) believes that the possible association of the company’s product with cancer will not affect the use of these products in Europe and Latvia. Meanwhile, environmentalists stress the need to review and reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides. Roundup contains one of the most popular herbicides – glyphosate, which […]

How hope values ​​weigh on the balance sheets of DAX companies

That is almost 30 billion euros more than a year earlier, more than ever in German economic history – and more than twice as much as in 2005. At that time, the Dax companies had 120 billion euros of hope in their balance sheets. Eon is at the top, with an increase of 15.5 billion […]

Deutsche Bank: ISS shareholder adviser recommends discharge

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt The bank’s shareholder meeting held virtually this year is likely to be considerably quieter than in previous years. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank should have fewer moments of tension for the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board this year than in the […]

Shareholders relieve Bayer board of directors at annual general meeting

FFive managers and a notary at a distance in front of the camera, as well as an employee wearing a face mask and gloves, wiping the desk after each speech – the first digital general meeting of the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals group Bayer ended on Tuesday in a very reduced manner. The otherwise large […]

Bayer with first internet general meeting in Germany

Dusseldorf Werner Wenning stands in the usual calm pose at the lectern. The corporate logo is emblazoned behind Bayer’s head of the supervisory board, he reaches for the water glass a few times and welcomes the shareholders to this year’s general meeting. Wenning looks around the room as he looks into the faces of an […]

Bayer could survive the crisis easily – glyphosate dispute remains a burden

With the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Baumann has shifted the focus: The CEO positions Bayer as a socially committed group that has a relatively robust business thanks to its focus on medicines and agricultural products. Baumann will also announce this message in his speech to shareholders at the Group’s first virtual general meeting on […]

Interview with Bayer CEO Werner Wenning

Bayer Chairman Werner Wenning Picture: EPA Werner Wenning started as an apprentice at Bayer and became the most powerful supervisory board in the republic. As a farewell, he takes stock – and gives important advice for good corporate governance. Mr. Wenning, you started as an apprentice at Bayer in 1966. Tuesday is your last day […]

Glyphosate dispute: comparison accepted! Bayer pays EUR 35.8 million – my money

Agreement in the lawsuit of millions in the USA! Bayer agrees on a settlement in the United States in the dispute over allegedly misleading advertising for weed killers containing the active ingredient glyphosate. The German agrochemical and pharmaceutical company agreed to pay $ 39.6 million, according to court documents on Monday (local time). The process […]

Deutsche Börse presents new sustainability index

Frankfurt They don’t like baking small rolls at Deutsche Börse, one of the largest European exchange operators. “We are convinced that the Dax 50 ESG will become the standard for sustainable investments in Germany,” said Stephan Flägel on Wednesday in Frankfurt. He heads the index division at stock exchange subsidiary Qontigo, which among other things […]