Le Matin – Ice Warrior Challenge: Moroccan Mohamed Mira crowned in Dubai

Moroccan Mohamed Mira won first place in the Elite-Gentlemen category at the 11th edition of the “Ice Warrior Challenge” championship organized on Friday by the Dubai Sports Council and the Majid Al Futtaim Foundation. Mohamed Mira came first after finishing the race at 14:51 minutes, followed by Emirati Ahmed Hajjo with 16:08 minutes and Briton […]

Seville, crowned for the sixth time

Seville, as usual! The Andalusians won their sixth Europa League, an absolute record for the event in less than fifteen years, by beating Inter Milan in a final with twists (3-2) Friday in Cologne, spectacular end of an edition upset by the coronavirus. Spain with 12 coronations Sevilla relied on the head game of their […]

Morocco is on the starting blocks

The frantic rush of the great powers to find a vaccine against Covid-19 continues to intensify. As the number of cases is on the rise and exceeds 20 million, Russia announces the discovery of a vaccine. “This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new Coronavirus was registered”, declared the […]

The Strategic Investment Fund will help streamline the operation of existing funds

– Tuesday August 11, at the Finance and Economic Development Committee within the Chamber of Representatives, Mr. Mohamed Benchaâboun, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, presented Decree-Law 2-20 -528 relating to the creation of a Strategic Investment Fund. Why this Fund? – First of all, it is good to remember that the creation […]

Call for the urgent resumption of SAMIR’s activity

In a statement released after a videoconference held on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the national front for the safeguard of the Moroccan oil refinery called on the government to work for the urgent resumption of oil refining in the Moroccan refinery considering that this is the only way to ensure Morocco’s energy sovereignty and to […]

Disway improves its turnover by 3.3% at the end of June

During the month of March, the structure recorded strong demand in this segment, linked to the desire of companies and individuals to equip themselves with computer equipment within the framework of teleworking. This demand subsequently contracted from the month of April (the first full month of confinement), specifies the same source, noting that the retail […]

The metropolis hosts the International HipHop Festival

Despite the current exceptional health situation, the city of Casablanca has a series of cultural events and organizes events for young talents and artists. In this sense, the white city welcomes, from the 7th to the 30th of the current month, the 1st edition of the International HipHop Festival. As part of the Positive School […]

Trump is betting everything on vaccines

Half a million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus in a week, including the national security adviser. The US executive announced Monday that Robert O’Brien had tested positive and was now working in isolation outside the White House. Presidential staff are regularly tested, as is the president. Hostile to any re-containment in the run-up […]

by droplets, contacts, and possibly air

The first mode of transmission of the coronavirus identified is that of postilions, droplets of saliva expelled by an infected person when they cough or sneeze, but also when they sing or speak. Hands, tissues or other touched object, such as the door handle, elevator button, etc., can also be a factor of contamination if […]