Mortgages in the US: how the right to cancel a mortgage loan works

In general, mortgage loans in the United States entail several steps to be foreclosed, and there is, in fact, a time when the borrower can exercise his right to rescissiona prerogative that allows you to cancel the mortgage loan before it is executed. In other words, the borrower has the right to cancel said loan, […]

The average mortgage rate rose in August to the highest level since April 2015

The average rate at which Spanish entities granted mortgage loans in august It was 2.198%, the highest level recorded since April 2015, according to data from the Bank of Spain collected by the Spanish Mortgage Association (AHE). Thus, the average rate of mortgage loans for more than three years for the purchase of free housing […]

The bank rebels against the plans to stop the rise in mortgages by law

The bench sets foot on the wall. The ringing of interventionist bells in the mortgage market resounds in a sector that constantly feels like a kind of punching ball of the government. This time, the plans that put them in the spotlight come from the flank of United We Can, which has proposed limit the […]

We can ask for help for the rise in mortgages

The deputy of Podemos in the Regional Assembly, Rafael Esteban, warned yesterday about the consequences of the rise in interest rates approved this week by the European Central Bank, “a blow that is going to mean about 170 euros a month for those who have a variable-rate mortgage” and, as a consequence, “a significant rise […]

Mortgage rates fall slightly but housing demand continues to fall in the US.

Freddie Mac released results from its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS), indicating that 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 5.30%. “Buying demand continues to fall as the cumulative impact of Higher rates, elevated home prices, increased risk of recession, and declining consumer confidence affect homebuyerssaid Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac. Average weekly US mortgage […]

Mortgages are skyrocketing | Newstream

Mortgages in the Czech Republic are becoming more expensive. According to the latest data from Fincentra Hypoindex, the average interest rate at the beginning of July was 6.24 percent, now it is approaching the level of 6.5 percent. Mortgages are the most expensive since the turn of the millennium. They are even more expensive than […]