What needs to be considered?

Mortgage investments are popular with pension funds because of their attractive return expectations. Samuel Eberhard, customer advisor at Axa Asset Management, explains what needs to be considered. Mr. Eberhard, investments in mortgages are very popular with pension plans. Why is that? On the one hand, mortgages contribute to portfolio diversification and thus to their stability. […]

The price of mortgages shoots up 41%, the highest rate in 20 years

The exceptional rise in interest rates in general, and in the Euribor in particular, has a direct effect on mortgages that can already be quantified: in the first eight months of the year the price of loans to buy a home has skyrocketed 41%. Specifically, the mortgages that were signed in August had an average […]

Mortgages and Real Estate | Suva

Suva invests a significant part of the capital in real estate. The portfolio includes high-quality residential, office, retail and commercial properties in attractive locations throughout Switzerland. Are you selling a property? Are you developing a construction project? Would you like to work on construction projects for Suva? Do you need a mortgage for your dream […]

The rise in rates will expel 20% of families from the housing market

The euribor doesn’t stop going up. The one in October will close at 2.63%, well above the -0.477% that it marked in the same month last year. An increase that is propitiated by the successive increases in the price of money approved by the ECB. The last one, that of Thursday of 0.75%. These increases […]

Mortgages will rise 200 euros more per month

The President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde. / EFE The increase in rates to 2% will make home financing and purchases more expensive, although the remuneration for savings barely advances With the last rise in interest to 2%, citizens have gone from remaining calm with the installments of the credits contracted to worrying […]

banks already impose interest of up to 5%

The fixed mortgage it is becoming so expensive that it is going to become practically unaffordable for future mortgage holders. Today the bank has already exceeded the 5% threshold in the interest charged for this type of loan, which continues to be the one that most clients try to sign despite its increase in cost. […]

8,000 mortgages in the Basque Country are at risk of default

The criteria agreed between the banks and the Treasury affect 3% of the loans for primary residence in the Basque Country The banks and the Ministry of Economy are finalizing the details of the relief measures for those families who have problems making ends meet due to the rise in mortgage prices. According to the […]

Mortgages soar 15% in 2022 despite inflation and rate hikes

The economic instability after the start of the war in Ukraine and the rise in interest rates as a result of strong inflation and the consequent rise in mortgage prices come at a time of constant growth in all the autonomous communities of the number of loans granted for the purchase of housing with this […]

bankruptcies skyrocket 90%

The inflation and tax pressure they bleed the economy. And they do it clearly. Every day there are more indicators that deteriorate the forecasts for the coming months and years. The problem of general price rises is no longer transitory, as pointed out from Christine Lagarde a Luis de Guindos going by Nadia Calvinobut has […]

iSaving Office | Keys to get mortgages for young people under 35

The 12-month Euribor has again reached a maximum and this Thursday has raised to 2.733%, its highest daily price since January 13, 2009. With this, another annual ceiling is set and the provisional average for October rises, which already stands at 2.6% and comfortably exceeds 300 basis points compared to the same month of 2021. […]