Teen beat up for harassing girlfriend

A 16-year-old boy received several blows after school in Denderleeuw on Thursday. He wanted to stand up for his girlfriend, who was harassed by a group of young people. Brent Saey Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 07:21 The incident happened around 4 p.m. Thursday after school near Leonardo College. The teenager wanted to pick up […]

Bart De Wever, curse and blessing of the Antwerp N-VA (Antwerp)

Bart De Wever: as an Antwerp N-VA member, try growing in the shadow of such a mastodon. — ©  Jimmy Kets Transparency Antwerp – As the cards are now, Bart De Wever will succeed himself as mayor for the second time after the Antwerp municipal elections in 2024. That does not mean that N-VA does […]

Ketnetwrapster Gloria testifies about cross-border behavior

Ketnet wrapper Gloria Monserez (20) testified in a campaign film for Sensoa about a situation in which a boy behaved across borders. “The conversation started very pleasantly, but suddenly he touched me in an undesirable place,” it sounds. Fortunately, Gloria’s best friends were nearby and intervened right away. An act that Sensoa, the Flemish center […]

Owner Frituur Number 1 gets two years in prison with postponement w… (Antwerp)

Antwerp – The criminal court has sentenced Jacobus P., the Dutch owner of Frituur Number 1, to two years in prison with a suspended sentence, for threats against former Miss Belgium Ilse De Meulemeester. P. also has to pay De Meulemeester compensation of 2,000 euros. Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 11:22 On April 22, 2013, […]

This is how the big #MeToo case around Bart De Pauw exploded: from the…

The Bart De Pauw trial: the prelude and the bomb It is now almost four years ago that actress Hilde Van Mieghem dropped the first bomb in the De Pauw case. Live on television. After that, rumors soon arose. The VRT took action, the (anonymous) testimonies of women came in. Until the television maker had […]

From Niels Destadsbader to Flo Windey and Acid: these are the k…

Acid (Nathan Vandergunst) Vlogger, 22 years old “I’m not immediately at home in the world of Youtube, but it is incredibly popular. I just hope I understand him, because I haven’t fully mastered his dialect yet.” Alexander Hendrickx Hockey player, age 28 “Punish what he and the Red Lions did at the Olympics. The first […]