Wang Yangming thanked his mother-in-law emotionally 3 months ago! Mother’s Day “Great Gift of 3 Million Imported Cars” Now Explosively Married Cai Shiyun | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Comprehensive Report ▲Wang Yangming (left) and Cai Shiyun (right) reported a marriage change. (Picture / recap from Wang Yangming IG) Please read on…. 40-year-old Wang Yangming and his 4-year-old hot wife Cai Shiyun have been married for 8 years and have a daughter, Katiya. After separation, in mid-May this year, when Wang […]

‘We Are All One’ celebrates mothers in Tlalpan

Writing Mexico City / 14.05.2023 15:45:59 thousand women of the Tlalpan mayor’s office They attended a breakfast to celebrate the end of the breast cancer awareness days and for Mother’s Day, organized by the Civil Association “Todos Somos Uno”, an association chaired by “Pedro Haces Lago”. Said event fulfilled the objective of celebrating the mothers […]

Honoring the Mothers of Sound: Women Who Shaped Contemporary Music

The history of music has been very ungrateful to women. For centuries they have been invisible, belittled or simply erased. But there have always been women who have made vital contributions to the evolution of sound, beyond being performers or stars. The first decades of the 20th century were very fertile and exciting in terms […]

Magdi Rúzsa showed her seedlings again

Magdi Rúzsa showed her seedlings again 2023-05-11 / Author: Foam Cake / Other A rare moment! Since last February, Magdi Rúzsa has only rarely shown their triplets, but even if she made an exception, you could not see the faces of the little ones. This is no different now, but the latest photo shows that […]

Magdi Rúzsa’s family photo is hard to bear without feeling emotional

“They rang the bell. Dogs were barking there, loud shouting somewhere, hay was being brought in. But I loved this scent. To this day, I take a deep sniff of the air when I smell it somewhere. I walked home, and in the meantime I decided that I would leave here if God helped me. […]

Celebrating Mother’s Day: Saying Thank You to Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day! Reason enough, at least on this day, to simply say “thank you” to mom. It is often not so easy to spend time with our loved ones between all the commitments. It is all the more important that we at least take the time to thank our mothers. A quick text, […]