Motorist tested for 4.51 grams of alcohol in his blood

“The individual broke all records,” commented Divisional Commissioner Michel Vandewalle. UA motorist tested with a breathalyzer at the beginning of July in Waterloo had a level of 4.51 grams of alcohol in the blood, the chief of staff of the local police zone told the Belga agency on Friday. This is an exceptionally high result […]

Baden-Württemberg: car driver dies after head-on collision: two injured

Sunday 18th July 2021 Baden-Wuerttemberg Motorist dies after head-on collision: two injured Bühlertal (dpa / lsw) – A man was killed in a car accident in the Rastatt district and two other drivers were seriously injured. As the police announced on Sunday, a man was late on Saturday evening in a curve near Bühlertal with […]

Niederkassel: Drunk cyclist falls and injures himself

renal cascade – A drunk cyclist was slightly injured in an accident on the main road in Niederkassel. According to the police, the accident happened on Saturday morning at around 3 a.m. The crew of a police car found the 68-year-old man from Niederkassel lying on his back on the sidewalk. He was approachable and […]

How drivers can save money: 10 practical tips

Berlin – As a driver, do you sometimes get annoyed when looking at gas station prices, workshop bills or parking fees? Recently, fuel has become more expensive in Germany: According to the ADAC, a liter of Super E10 cost an average of 1.483 euros in May, diesel an average of 1.331 euros. The gasoline price […]

A44 will be rehabilitated for two and a half years

May 9, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Paid content: Construction work : The A44 near Krefeld will be renovated for two and a half years Road rehabilitation on the A44, direction KR Photographer: Dirk Jochmann ©, 47807 Krefeld Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Drivers have to be prepared for a construction site between the forest and […]

Speed ​​camera marathon 2021: speed cameras here today

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Speed ​​camera marathon 2021 There is lightning here today Since 2013, day X has been hunted down almost across the board for speed sinners. Today is that day. We tell you where and when the flashing will take place. Lawn kills. Still. And again and again. The majority of the 2719 […]

When you can get behind the wheel again

Anyone who gets behind the wheel on the day after a boozy party risks an accident and the driver’s license. Because neither a few hours of sleep, coffee or a hearty breakfast accelerate the breakdown of alcohol in the body. We explain when you are on the safe side. No matter what you are advised: […]