Coronavirus. Head, toes, lungs, kidneys… the symptoms multiply, know them

From head to toes, including lungs and even the kidneys: every week, the list of symptoms caused by the new coronavirus is growing and few organs seem to be spared from this disease, which varies from mild to severe. In the space of three months, what had started as an atypical flu has turned into […]

Anti-containment protests on the rise after Trump’s announcement (video)

President Trump, who does not hide his haste to “reopen” the country’s economy, has called for “liberating” several American states from containment. Dhe protests demanding the lifting of containment measures against the coronavirus agitated several cities across the United States on Saturday, encouraged the day before by Donald Trump, accused of stirring up divisions. “The […]

Flour consumption is increased fourfold during the third week of confinement

If first it was the WC role now the star product is the flour. The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, said that the flour consumption had increased fourfold during the third week of confinement by the state of alarm decreed by the coronavirus crisis. This is anecdotal data indicating that citizens have “begun to make […]

Faced with the risk of contagion, cancellations and closings are increasing

Nearly 450 exhibiting publishers, 3,000 authors from 50 countries, 160,000 visitors … The Paris Book Fair will not take place, its management decided after the government banned gatherings of more than 5,000 people in confined spaces, due to the coronavirus epidemic. “We don’t want to make participants take risks, explains the president of the National […]

“Soccer has put us on the map” | It’s LaLiga in EL PAÍS

Víctor Manuel Camacho saved a dilemma with a zero draw between Atlético de Madrid and CD Leganés. The distribution of points two weeks ago balanced his football drives: that of the boy who became a mattress and that of the small businessman who wants his city team to play in the top category. Because since […]

Watch … A famous artist assaulted a fan because of his selfie

Activists on social media circulated a video clip of the Indian artist “Salman Khan” while he was in the Indian airport of “Goa” which raised a lot of controversy among the followers. He appears in the rolling clip, while fans are lining up around him to take pictures with him but he was in a […]