Attention, runners! Join Lima Run 5k …

As part of the campaign to promote the blood donationthe Municipality of Lima organize, in partnership with the Ministry of Health (Minsa), a new edition of the race Lima Run 5K, competition presencewhich will take place on Sunday 3rd of July. The test will take place from 6:00 a.m. and will have Washington Park as […]

La Molina removes concrete blocks placed by the Municipality of Lima on the alternate route to the Separadora Industrial toll | MML | Jorge Munoz | Alvaro Paz de la Barra | Lima Express | NMR | EDITION

Updated on 04/26/2022 07:03 pm The Municipality of La Molina reported that it removed the cement blocks that the Municipality of Lima had placed on the alternate route that allows drivers entering that district to avoid paying the toll on Separadora Industrial Avenue. “Jorge Muñoz de Lima Metropolitana, in complicity with the company VINCI Highways […]

Pasamayito: road that will connect Comas and San Juan de Lurigancho presents an advance of 17% and would be concluded in August | Municipality of Lima | MML | NMR | LIME

The Municipality of Lima reported that the new road known as ‘Pasamayito’, which will link the districts of Comas and San Juan de Lurigancho through the hills in just 30 minutes, is 17% complete and would be completed in August. “The work is already 17% complete. Drilling and blasting work is carried out with controlled […]