What future for the major international museums?

The consequences of the pandemic reveal the extreme fragility of the flagship institutions and their economic model. We interviewed their directors By Eric Biétry-Rivierre Closed since March 13, 2020, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, one of the largest museums in the world, plans to reopen in mid-August. Mike Segar / REUTERS The […]

The Guggenheim and Fine Arts museums in Bilbao will reopen on June 1

ABC.es Madrid Updated:05/20/2020 13: 37h save Little by little, the museums are announcing the dates of their reopening to the public, which, in many cases, do not coincide with the de-escalation phase of the cities where they are located. There are museums that could have already opened their doors, but they have not done so […]

The history museums of Girona will document the epidemic in the city

The Girona History Museum and the Jewish History Museum have set up a collection of material among the public to witness the passage of the coronavirus to the city. The documents, images, videos and objects collected will allow us to interpret the impact of the pandemic from a health, social, economic and cultural point of […]

Museums are advancing, slowly but surely, towards reopening

The closure of the museums was hasty, driven by circumstances, but the reopening will not be at all, impetuous. If the confinement forced the almost simultaneous closure of the facilities – like all the blackouts in the cultural sector, they closed their doors between March 12 and 16 – the need to ensure the safety […]

Tours and virtual talks to celebrate the first Day of Museums without public

Spanish museums celebrate this Monday, May 18, theInternational Museum Day,It will be commemorated for the first time without the large influx of regular public due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the case ofPrado Museum, the institution will celebrate this day with an activity on its website, which will delve into different aspects related to the […]

The Vatican Museums reopen their doors under strict security measures

EP Rome Updated:05/18/2020 13: 37h save The Vatican Museums have opened for the first time since the pandemic state of alarm was decreed in Italy under strict security measures for tourists, such as the need to book an appointment or the obligation to wear a mask during the visit. In addition, they have been installed […]

After the pandemic: fairer, more sustainable and social museums?

Museums around the world, after weeks deserted, see the long-awaited return to the (new) normality closer. Having taken security and preventive conservation measures to protect collections and facilities, what has happened to the other two essential vectors for museums to exist, their professionals and visitors? What have the museum management leaders done to maintain the […]