Tautendorf – Art in nature: The symposium is followed by a music festival

The fine arts are strongly represented by the “Art in Nature” symposium on the Wachtberg near Tautendorf. Symposium director Gabriel Graf presents works by international artists in the woods and fields. For the 29th time, works of art are created specifically for their respective place in nature. Trees, meadows and stones are their components. As […]

High-altitude appointment with classical music at the Verbier Festival

The Verbier Festival, one of the most prestigious of its kind, has been held for almost 30 years in the magnificent setting of the Swiss Alps. It is a festival that brings together the great names of classical music, as well as young music students from all over the world, with music as the only […]

Music festival in Vienna raises money for Ukraine – Wien Aktuell

Von . – 23.06.2022 11:51 (Akt. 23.06.2022 15:30) The “Summa Cum Laude” music festival in Vienna wants to help Ukraine ©Vienna Tourism At the beginning of July, the “Summa Cum Laude” music festival will take place again in Vienna after two years of a forced break due to corona. Part of the proceeds will be […]

Berlin is the capital of night people – including night joggers

Berlin is the capital of everything, but above all it is the capital of nightlife and therefore also the capital of night people. It has always been the case that the party-mad part of the population is drawn to Berlin. I still remember the sparkling eyes of a couple of Bavarian boys we met in […]

Shooting in Washington, two teenagers dead – World

Two teenagers died in two separate Washington DC shootings. A 15-year-old boy died in a shooting near the Moechella Music Festival, in an area considered the African-American heart of the capital full of restaurants, bars and shops. Three people were injured in the shooting, including a police officer. The police had reported an earlier incident […]

Celebrating 40 years, the Festival of Music arrives, a celebration for all

One of the most anticipated events is The Festival of Music (La Fête de la Musique), which this year marks its 40th anniversary of celebrating musical diversity. In this way, a variety of events will be present for the celebration edition. Of this edition and the talents The Festival of Music is a concept born […]

First entry for Schlossgrabenfest in Darmstadt

FIf Howard Carpendale, as the schedule envisages, should actually be on stage in Darmstadt around 10 p.m. on the Friday before Pentecost and sing his “Hello again”, everything would have been said. Because hardly any other song could go better with the resurrection of the Schlossgrabenfest, which was canceled twice due to the corona pandemic. […]

Schlossgrabenfest with three stages for a good 60 bands

Popular: Crowds at the Schlossgrabenfest 2019 on Karolinenplatz Image: dpa Everything has become more expensive – and nothing is like it was before Corona: That’s why the organizers of the Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest have to sell tickets for the first time this year in order to be able to finance the four-day open-air party at Pentecost. […]

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The biggest music festival in Europe erupted again tonight with the grand finale from Turin, Italy. None other than Ukraine eventually emerged as the big winner of 2022, but despite the many predictions, it remained incredibly exciting until the end. This was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The most striking moments of […]