Observer about iPhone 14: The enthusiasm will be higher than the previous product – iPhone 14 has been registered and passed certification from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). It seems that this smartphone made by Apple will soon be released in Indonesia. The details of when is still a mystery. However, based on information, next November the device can be adopted by Indonesian users. Seeing […]

Crowds followed his path, yet no one saw when it happened

Something mysteriously disappeared from the car carrying the coffin, no one saw when it happened. Where did he go? Undertakers began transporting the coffin on Sunday (September 11) and onlookers noticed a ‘William Purves’ sticker on one of the windows. The trouble with hiring one from the local firm is that you get advertising. They […]

It has been revealed what caused the mysterious pink glow in the sky of Australia

A strange purple-pink glow appeared in the sky of Mildura, Australia on the night of September 19. Many speculated that the aliens had arrived or that a dimensional gate had opened, but the real reason is much more prosaic. Mystical images flooded social media on Tuesday evening, July 19, in Australia. The photos showed a […]