the “American Stonehenge” targeted by a mysterious explosion in Georgia

It is nicknamed the “American Stonehenge”. Located in the State of Georgia, this strange granite monument engraved with esoteric inscriptions in twelve languages ​​was the target of an explosion on Wednesday 6 July. US state authorities were looking for the perpetrators on Thursday. Named the “Georgia Guidestones”, these six blocks of stone were raised in […]

A massive fire near Moscow. A factory or a scrap yard is on fire?

A fire broke out in Odinców, a town about 20 km from Moscow. The web was full of photos and videos showing a gigantic cloud over the city. Information about the sounds of the explosion appeared. What went on fire? There is contradictory information on this subject.

love and lies |

content / criticism Max Meyer (Vincent Cassel) been to New York. Now he’s back in Paris, where an even bigger change awaits him: he will become Muriel (Sandrine Kiberlain) marry his boss’s daughter. At least that was the plan. On the other hand, things don’t go according to plan at all when he says the […]

Night Sky – Staffel 1

“Night Sky – Season 1” // Germany start: May 20, 2022 (Amazon Prime Video) Franklin (J.K. Simmons) and Irene (Sissy Spacek) live in seclusion in a small town in Illinois. They hardly have contact with other people and never leave their homes. Yet they regularly embark on a journey others can only dream of: via […]

Mysterious Blood Splatter in North Arlington, NJ Parking Lot – NBC New York

NEW JERSEY – Several vehicles in a New Jersey municipal parking lot were found splattered with blood in a scene almost straight out of a movie, but the bigger question remains unanswered: where did all the blood come from? The hoods of a silver Honda and a white Mercedes were splattered with blood in the […]

Judiciary Police look for clues in the death pit in Vila Verde – Portugal

The Judiciary Police were, this Tuesday, carrying out complementary investigations in the well, in Vila Verde, where a body was found last Thursday. For this he had the help of a team of divers and firefighters. The objective is to find more evidence that can help to understand if the body, which was in an […]

Family that jumped from the 7th floor: New facts make case even more enigmatic

The case of a family of five who threw themselves from a balcony on the 7th floor of a luxury building in the Swiss city of Montreux on March 24, which shocked the world and left local authorities lossesremains a mystery and according to new revelationsthe behavior eccentric and as oddities reported don’t contribute anything […]