New York, USA: Psst, the city sleeps – travel

The first attempt to prove that New York is the city that never sleeps fails terribly. When I stand in front of the supermarket around the corner from my apartment in Brooklyn at 10:53 p.m., it has been closed for 53 minutes. This is not only stupid for the work assignment, but also for me […]

Myth New York: City of Workaholics – Travel

Tourists who step out of their hotel in the late morning and take a leisurely stroll towards Grand Central, hoping to get their first coffee of the day there, will quickly notice that comfort is not something New York business people know on their way to their next meeting. The third to fifth dose of […]

Myth New York: City of fashion freaks – trip

If you want to know what the fashion city of New York is really all about, ask a real New Yorker. Iris Apfel once said in an interview: “I’m not a pastel guy! Pastel colors make me nervous.” Apple would be called a fashionista if the term didn’t sound like 16-year-old bloggers with designer bags […]

Myth New York: The Ultra-Modern City – Travel

The view of the Manhattan skyline is a promise: the promise of luxury and unprecedented comfort, of state-of-the-art technology. Whoever creates such crazy and at the same time insanely beautiful towers made of steel and glass, what conveniences will be for them Have thought about interior design? One thinks. Maybe you have photos of the […]