Can local government make the difference in the number of infections …

The number of new infections in our country continues to decrease week after week, normal life is getting a step closer. But still: the fear of new hotbeds is good. And so a number of mayors prefer to take matters into their own hands to avoid contamination in their municipality again. Can such a local […]

Confusion complete in Deinze: shopping with mouth mask is now … (Deinze)

Deinze – If you go shopping in Deinze, you should not wear a mouth mask. That was decided by acting East-Flemish governor Didier Detollenaere. He thereby deletes the decision of Mayor Jan Vermeulen, who announced on Tuesday that wearing face masks is mandatory in the city’s shops. Who should residents listen to now? What did […]

One in a million: find a strange super-earth towards the center of our galaxy

Illustration of the inferred size of another super-earth (center) compared to the land and Neptune. Astronomers at the University of Canterbury found an incredibly rare new super-earth toward the center of our galaxy. This would be one of the few that has been discovered with a size and orbit similar to Earth. The details were […]

Main suspect of yet another mass murder: the bat, the …

The bat. He again. With 96 percent certainty, he is the spreader of the coronavirus, which rages and kills worldwide but does not make him sick. Like with the virus that caused rabies. Or SARS. Or ebola. What is it with the elusive beast that is the only mammal that can fly and that even […]

Myths and truths about the coronavirus: should we too …

Can the coronavirus just fall into your bus with a Chinese package from AliExpress? And does it make sense to walk to the pharmacy now for mouth masks? Virologist Marc Van Ranst invalidates the myths and confirms the truths about the corona virus. Do we have to walk around here with mouth masks? “Here in […]