of young people want to launch a mobile application to denounce corruption

The Chadian Organization for Transparency “Chad Zero Corruption” presented its 2019-2020 impact report. Among her projects aimed at fighting corruption in Chad, she announced her intention to launch an application called “Acourba” to report corruption. The application should be accessible via mobile phone, and will allow citizens to denounce facts of corruption to promote the […]

Chad wants to consolidate its efforts

N’Djamena – The 2020 edition of World AIDS Day was celebrated on a delayed basis this Saturday, December 5, on the theme: “global solidarity and shared responsibility”. A ceremony took place at the Palais on January 15 in the presence of the First Lady and the Minister of Public Health and National Solidarity. Globally, 12 […]

Hinda Deby calls for combating discrimination against HIV / AIDS victims

First Lady Hinda Deby on Saturday urged communities to “a heightened awareness of the scale of the challenge and the need for behavior change”, on the occasion of the delayed celebration of World AIDS Day. She considered it necessary to organize the response against the multidimensional consequences of the health crisis: “AIDS, which in itself […]

Faouzi Benallal, Istiqlalian leader and former mayor of Harhoura, is no longer

By Rahim Sefrioui on 11/12/2020 at 11:45 am Faouzi Benallal, one of the heavyweights of Istiqlal in the region of Rabat, is no longer. The former mayor of Harhoura died this Thursday, November 12. aA Faouzi Benallal, former vice-president of the Chamber of Councilors and leading member of Istiqlal, who was part of its Executive […]

N Performance gives a new ‘look’ to the Hyundai Santa Fe

For some time, Hyundai has accustomed us to presenting the most sporty versions of its tourism models with the signature of its N division, a letter that is a distinctive feature of both sportiness and a certain exclusivity. The commercial strategy – which all the brands are using, in a way, in some way – […]

Covid-19: the 26 new are “all located in the same source of infection”

The national health response coordination informed Thursday that 26 new cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Chari Baguirmi (out of a total of 168 samples analyzed). She said they are all located in the same focus of infection. “All measures have been taken to isolate this home and prevent any external propagation”, informs the […]