The Bank of Spain is against the pact with Bildu and continues with amazement the show

Madrid Updated Friday, 22 may 2020 –09:36 The Governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernndez de Cos, appears before the Committee on Economic Affairs.EFE The vice-president for the economy, Nadia Calvio, officially made the truth official yesterday and that is that Spain needs to place this year on the markets at least 300,000 million, […]

The State plays 1,000 million in the viability of Iberia and Air Europa

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in Spain is very much at stake in making Iberia and Air Europa viable. Not only because there are important Spanish airlines in the future, with everything that implies in jobs, in the promotion of tourism or in mobility between countries, but by direct exposure through credits and participation in the IAG […]

Euro group leader Mário Centeno stops

Dhe head of the Eurogroup, Portugal’s Finance Minister Mário Centeno, has given up a second term. As the Eurofinance Ministers say in circles, the 53-year-old Portuguese no longer wants to stand in the forthcoming election to chair the informal body, which has become more important in the Corona crisis. His two and a half year […]

Politicians from other EU countries protest against the bond purchase judgment

Especially in France and Italy, but also in Spain there is a lack of understanding, even indignation, about this judgment. “The decision of the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court is not an element of stability,” said France’s Economics and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Wednesday. “The European treaties guarantee the independence of the European Central Bank,” […]

Spain does not earn credit to the EU

Saturday, 25 April 2020 – 02:05 Make no mistake, the financial aid from the European Union will be accompanied by some kind of conditionality. EFE The almost record time in which theHeads of State and Government of the EUTheir last videoconference meeting only allowed us to think about a historical agreement or, as it was […]

EU countries disagree on funding the aid fund

Brussels, Madrid The Spanish Minister for Economic Affairs is conciliatory: “It is not the time to criticize each other or to spread them apart,” said Nadia Calviño to the Handelsblatt. The EU countries must “act together and support each other”. The disputed EU can use constructive contributions to the discussion. On Thursday the 27 heads […]

Europe faces reconstruction to get out of recession

With the economic strategy against the short-term coronavirus already agreed by the ministers of economy and finance of the EU – a triple safety net of more than half a billion euros to support the public finances of the Member States, companies and workers for the duration of Covid pandemic19– European governments can start to […]