US-China tensions: Beijing’s escalation is paying off

US Democrat Nancy Pelosi travels to Asia. There is no longer any talk of a stop in Taiwan – after a long debate and threats from China. Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan also caused a stir in China’s state media Photo: Andy Wong / ap SEOUL taz | The plane from Honolulu finally took off […]

Trump scoffs at climate change: “More properties on the beach”

Stand: 10.07.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Former US President Donald Trump at an event in Las Vegas. Source: John Locher/AP/dpa Even during his tenure, the then US President doubted the scientifically proven, man-made climate change and based his policies accordingly. He thinks there are “bigger problems”. Dhe former US President Donald Trump has mocked […]

Nancy Pelosi and Angelina Jolie in Ukraine | World | Deshabhimani

KyivUS House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie are in Ukraine as the war continues. Pelosi is the head of a delegation sent by the US government. He also met with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Selensky. He assured that US support would continue until Ukraine’s victory in the war was […]

Surprise visit by U.S. House speaker, evacuation of isolated civilians

◀ anchor ▶ U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a U.S. delegation on a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital of Kiiu. Pelosi also met with President Zelensky, who promised to stay with him until the end of the war. Correspondent Kim Soo-jin from Washington. ◀ Report ▶ Without prior notice, House Speaker […]

Joe Biden urges Congress on infrastructure packages

Joe Biden has increased the pressure on the Democrats. On the way to an election campaign appearance in New Jersey, where his fellow party member Phil Murphy, the former ambassador to Berlin, is worried about his re-election as governor, he said it would be positive if the deal were in place before his Europe- Set […]

US Congress avoids shutdown at the last minute | Currently America | DW

According to the US Senate, on Thursday (local time), shortly before the deadline, the House of Representatives also voted for a transitional budget that will ensure funding for the federal authorities until December 3. Otherwise, the US would have slipped into a so-called shutdown after midnight, in which hundreds of thousands of federal employees would […]

US MPs and Biden take a break from baseball

At the traditional congressional baseball game, MPs and Joe Biden took a break from budget negotiations. President Joe Biden (r) on the phone while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi watches the Congress baseball game. Photo: Susan Walsh / AP / dpa – sda – Keystone / AP / Susan Walsh Ad the essentials in brief The […]

Pelosi sets target for Oct. 1 through draft bill on infrastructure-social spending

August 23, 2021 60 Nancy Pelosi sets target for Oct. 1 through bill on infrastructure-social spending Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar bill on infrastructure and social spending is set to pass Oct. 1. Ms Pelosi said in a letter to Democrats. It has warned party […]

Pelosi rejects 2 Republicans from committee that will review assault on Capitol

(POLICY NOW). – The integration of Select committee who will investigate the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill became this Wednesday in a major point of contention between the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House of Representatives. Trump Advocate Among 5 Republicans To Investigate Capitol Assault Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader said he […]