Pepe Aguilar speaks clearly to Nathanael Cano: “I don’t shoot hints”

After the controversy with the singer of corridos tumbados, Nathanael Cano, Pepe Aguilar appeared on his social networks to remember one more year of his father’s birthday, Antonio Aguilar, and incidentally show their position in the face of the scandal that arose. The Mexican regional music singer showed a video where he is seen wearing […]

Nathanael Cano apologizes to Pepe Aguilar

After the controversy over the exchange of statements between the singer of bullfights Nathanael Cano, and Pepe Aguilar, Cano posted a video on his Instagram account in which he apologizes to Aguilar and the fans of both him and the Mexican regional artist. “To apologize to Mr. Pepe Aguilar, to all his fans and to […]

After statements by Pepe Aguilar, Nathanael Cano responds to criticism

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 05/13/2020 17:13:13 Pepe Aguilar became a trend on Twitter after responding to insults received by the artist Nathanael Cano, known for dabbling in the musical genre known as coridos tumbados. In the face of criticism on social networks, Nathanael responded to the Internet with a forceful message to make it […]

Pepe Aguilar responds to Nathanael Cano

Pepe Aguilar became a trend on Twitter after starring in a social media lawsuit with the singer of lying down, 19 years old, flat Nathanael Cano. The exchange of views began after the Golden scorpion question Pepe Agular about the lying bullfights; Aguilar opined, without focusing on this musical trend, that there is a crisis […]

Nathanael Cano attacks Pepe Aguilar on social networks

Nathanael Cano attacks Pepe Aguilar on social networks | Instagram Huge controversy has caused the young singer Nathanael Cano when making a live broadcast on Instagram where he ended up lashing out at Pepe Aguilar, which is why today is a trend in social networks. Cano assured that Aguilar was contemptuous with his music and […]