Antonio Onetti, President of SGAE: “I would like to end the habit of buying popcorn and seeing how we skin each other”

PABLO GIL Madrid Updated Saturday, 2 may 2020 –16:55 The new president of the authors’ society denies that the controversial entity is bankrupt, promises to reduce its power and professionalize management, and build bridges with Culture. The president of the SGAE, Antonio Onetti, this Saturday at his home in Madrid.NGEL NAVARRETEWORLD Renovation. Scriptwriter and playwright […]

Jordi Snchez accuses ERC of acting for electoral tacticism in October 2017

Updated Sunday, 2. 3 February 2020 –12:56 He insists that the Republicans were betting on the declaration of independence but expected Puigdemont to call elections Jordi Snchez in his previous prison permit.EFE Written. La Fiscala denounces that the release in semi-freedom of prisoners “has become a generality” Three days La Fiscala notes that Snchez does […]

The judge tracks the “final destination” of Hugo Chvez’s payments to Ral Morodo

Updated Tuesday,     18     February     2020     –22:34 The National Court has ordered to track the “final destination” of at least 14.5 million euros handled during the last years by the plot of the former Spanish ambassador to Venezuela during the Government of Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero,Ral Morodo. To do this, the judgeSantiago Pedrazit has required banking […]

The ‘Kitchen’ Police spy on Luis Brcenas 24 hours a day

Inside. The recordings of ‘Kitchen’ seized by the Audience reveal the theft to Brcenas of his tapes with Rajoy ‘Operation Kitchen’. Interior subtracted from Brcenas his agenda and payment notes in ‘B’ The Police spy on the former treasurer of the PPLuis Brcenas for 24 hours a day by monitoring his mobile phone without a […]

Visit to the free floor of the Polica where the ‘operation Catalua’ was set up

Madrid Friday, 14 February 2020 – 01:52 Interior recycles the ‘headquarters’ used by the Case Review Brigade in its secret operations and delivers it to Jupol as the union headquarters. Facade of the building where the floor used by the Ministry of Interior is located Villarejo case. The founder of Mtodo 3 recognizes the judge […]