The best movie releases for this summer

With these hot days that we are experiencing, we do not want anything other than being cool, and what less than go to the moviesa cabin famous for entertaining us with movies and for keeping us at a good temperature. In this way, we encourage you to go to the cinema as an activity alternative […]

Cacique Sorocaima Initial Education Center inaugurated in Caracas

At the headquarters of the Caracas Police located in the El Paraíso parish, the Cacique Sorocaima Initial Education Center was inaugurated, in order to guarantee citizen security in the entity. We continue to create spaces to improve the quality of life of the Caraqueño people ❣️ It is #15Jul la alcaldesa AJ @gestionperfecta inaugurated at […]

Launch of the electronic visa granting platform on July 10

As of July 10, 2022, the “eVisa” electronic visa procedure will be carried out on the platform, to facilitate the granting of visas to foreign nationals subject to this formality. This new measure aims to improve, simplify and modernize consular services, said Friday a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation […]

Tatiana, the first to receive a heart transplant in Paraguay, tells her experience

Photo: Screenshot – Telefuturo Tatiana was only 6 years old when in 2007, after a real struggle to find a donor, she received the vital heart transplant that would allow her to continue living and became the first intervention recorded in the medical history of this country. Tatiana agreed to comment on her experience and […]

Traditional Chinese medicine spreads in Cuba

Traditional Chinese medicine is expanding in Cuba, through multiple events and the Cuban health system itself, said the president of the Cuban Society of Bioenergetic and Naturalist Medicine, Evelyn González. On this point, he pointed out that “we are taking steps to improve relations between the different academic centers that investigate traditional Chinese medicine.” In […]

Insurgent University Theater Festival inaugurated

The Insurgent University Theater Festival was inaugurated this Friday, in the spaces of the National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte). The director of the National Theater Training Program, Stanley Rodríguez, said that the Festival is: “a historic event, because in the pandemic, theaters were behind closed doors, today we give our students space on […]

Star with shortest known orbital period discovered

A group of researchers has discovered the fastest known star, which reaches a speed of about 8,000 kilometers per second, which is why it has the shortest orbital period known so far. The results of a study published by The Astrophysical Journalreport that researchers from the University of Cologne and Masaryk University in Brno, both […]

Some 240 gas stations in Croatia at risk of closure

“The government’s decision threatens small businesses. They will close some gas stations, some are already closing, because there is no fuel and they do not have money to buy it (…) We foresee the closure of 240 gas stations on the territory of Croatia”, reported the head of the association of oil product retailers, Armando […]

Antifreeze treatment maintains its effect for five years

An antifreeze treatment whose effect lasts five years was developed by Russian researchers. The advance allows metals, plastics and glass to maintain their properties for five years and “their anticorrosive effect for a period of up to 15 years,” indicated the Platform of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The advance guarantees a high degree of […]