Volkswagen Navarra will present a new ERTE for organizational and productive reasons

YE. Updated:04/24/2020 13:37 save The management of Volkswagen Navarra and the majority of the social representation (UGT, CC. OO., ELA and CCP, which make up 82.7% of the works council) have today approved the agreement to present a new ERTE (Regulation File Temporary Employment) for organizational and productive reasons. LAB and CGT have refused to […]

Spain’s fabulous beech forests in Navarre

Txiri-Miri, ”says Leire, the young forester, and gently holds her face in the fine rain. The onomatopoeic Basque word describes exactly that: drizzle. “Some people only come here because of this,” she says, “especially tourists from southern Spain who don’t know the real autumn or rain.” Tourists from Germany, on the other hand, are rarely […]

Rains in most of a confined Spain and with the umbrella at home

Wednesday, fifteen April 2020 – 09:23 The State Meteorological Agency activates warnings in 16 provinces for adverse events, 14 of them for heavy rains A woman with a mask inside a vehicle on the streets of Pamplona.Jess DigesEFE The rain appears this Wednesday in almost all Spain, even in the north of the islands of […]

Coronavirus Spain: last hour of the coronavirus in Spain | The United States is already the country with the most deaths in the world due to Covid-19

Symptoms How is coronavirus transmitted and how to treat it Map. Evolution of the coronavirus in Spain The downtrend continues. For the third consecutive day, the number of deaths percoronavirusinSpainhas descended again. 510 dead in the last 24 hours, the lowest number recorded for 19 days. The number of infectionscoronavirusit also continues to decline, while […]

Volkswagen Navarra wants to resume vehicle production on April 20

U. M. Updated:04/06/2020 14: 13h save Volkswagen Navarra is already evaluating formulas to resume vehicle production, which for now remains totally paralyzed in Spain. The plant’s executive committee is analyzing different scenarios to restart production activity gradually on April 20. Michelin also announced on Monday its intention to resume production from next Monday. In a […]

Coronavirus: Spain avoids conflict with Turkey to try to recover ‘stolen’ respirators

Updated Saturday, 4 April 2020 –14:41 Foreign Affairs highlights that the Turkish government has sent this week “an important donation of medical supplies to Spain” and Castilla-La Mancha is now closing ranks with the management of the Executive. Turkey retains an airplane with respirators for SpainTHE WORLD The decision ofTurkeyrequisitioning hundreds of respirators for critical […]

Europa restaurant in Pamplona | The Basque Diary

RESTAURANTS Navarre cuisine with passion and flavor Sunday, February 23, 2020, 08:44 Located in the heart of Pamplona, ​​next to Estafeta street and Plaza del Castillo, the Europa restaurant has owned a Michelin Star since 1993 and two Repsol Suns. From the hand of its chef, Pilar Idoate, and with his team offer a proposal […]

The pilot of a crashed plane dies in the Navarran town of Noáin | Spain

The pilot of a crashed plane this Thursday in the Navarre town of Noáin (Navarra) he has died, according to the Foral Police. The accident took place in the immediate vicinity of the Mocholi estate. The accident has taken place around 18:20 hours when the plane, apparently from Aeroclub Navarra, which came from Sabadell and […]