Remains of 8,000 Nazi war victims found in Poland

Some 17.5 tons of human ashes were discovered and unearthed near a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, the Institute of National Memory (IPN), which conducts investigations into Nazi crimes, announced on Wednesday. The remains were unearthed in Ilowo Osada, in the Bialucki Forest, near the former concentration camp of Dzialdowo (Soldau, in German, 150 […]

the enigma of the only woman who posed twice for Gustav Klimt

Related news When Maria Altmann was a child, she contemplated the portrait of her aunt Adele, placed in one of the rooms of the immense house in Vienna of her uncles, among porcelain, tapestries and antiques. In the painting, the figure of Adele Bloch-Bauer shines between oil and gold, dressed in her best jewels that […]

Questionable methods for family reunification applications in Germany // With the Algerian diaspora 60 years after the October 17 massacre | Seen from Germany | DW

Your weekly podcast this week focuses on research conducted by our colleagues in the German public media on family reunification. A system which normally gives asylum beneficiaries living in Germany the right to bring husband / wife and children to them. Except that in fact many requests for reunification are rejected by the Ministry of […]

The 100-year-old Nazi guard on trial for 3,518 deaths in a concentration camp | Josef Schutz is the longest-lived defendant to account for the extermination

Germany advances in the judicial processes against those responsible for the Nazi extermination machine, 76 years after the end of the Second World War. As part of the trials against second-rank criminals, a 100-year-old former guard of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp He denied having been an accessory to the murder of 3,518 prisoners. “I did […]

The century-old Nazi was on trial. Due to the murders of 3,500 people

He arrived in a wheelchair in front of the courthouse, a briefcase in his hands. He had to use a walker to enter the building. He covered his face with blue boards, preventing photographers from taking the picture. The image from the trial faithfully illustrates the fact that the time when former Nazi criminals can […]