thus the Order of Hagal threatened democracy

They planned attacks on civilian barracks and targets with the aim of subverting the democratic order. The police have dismantled a bell cell of the Order of Hagal, a neo-fascist spiritual movement. Five precautionary custody orders, four in prison and one with the obligation to be present. A sixth element would be on the run […]

After the scandal surrounding Nazi slogans: Melanie Müller cancels her appearance in Dresden

After scandal about Nazi slogans Melanie Müller cancels Dresden appearance 09/28/2022, 1:15 p.m A video is currently circulating on social media showing Mallorca singer Melanie Müller surrounded by right-wing extremists. In the meantime, the 34-year-old has distanced herself from their “Sieg Heil” calls. Now she is canceling an appearance because of it. After a questionable […]

Attila Hildmann’s confidante Kai E. unwraps: That makes him dangerous

He is the man who helped Hildmann build channels for disinformation, swastika images and hatred of Jews. Now he speaks to journalists about the time with the cookbook author, his world of thought and his network. You can barely see him, and the tone keeps falling when all journalists are particularly excited to see what […]