Tired of identity theft in networks, Andino goes to Justice

Although he did not give too much importance to his fake Twitter account (@AndinoOkey has more than 49 thousand followers and dates from 2016), Guillermo Andino decided to resort to Justice to find out who hides behind his false identity. Although the driver of America and his wife, Carolina Prat, refuse to speak on the […]

Terror in the networks: I met the diadem bat

In the last hours, nets social were filled with photos of a stranger bat, similar in size to a human, which generated terror among users due to their impressive size. It is the diadem bat, the largest bat in the world, with an average measurement of 1.5 meters and a weight of up to 1.2 […]

Wirecard: Fateful days for Wirecard

The new CEO James Freis and Supervisory Board Chairman Thomas Eichelmann had been negotiating with the approximately 15 creditor banks since the penultimate Friday. Under the leadership of Commerzbank, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and the two major Dutch banks ABN Amro and ING, they granted Wirecard a credit line of EUR 1.75 billion about two years ago. […]

Ana Milan reigns on Instagram with her live shows and in La Resistencia

Ana Milan had little trouble jumping to stardom during this confinement. From her sofa and mobile in hand, the actress has recounted numerous anecdotes about her professional and personal life through her Instagram profile. And not a hair has been cut. It mattered what counted, but especially how he did it: natural, forceful and with […]

Do social networks influence more than official health sources?

EFE MADRID Updated:05/17/2020 01: 50h save Related news The communities of the social network Facebook that question the established health criteria are more effective than the official sources when it comes to reach groups of “undecided” and create a link with them, according to a study published in the journal «Nature». Researchers at George Washington […]

The ‘live’ on social networks, anti-confinement remedy for the stars

From Instagram to Twich, the ‘live’ of sports stars multiply on social networks in full confinement by the coronavirus, between unpublished confessions or a casual tone in a world usually with a corseted communication, to the delight of the fans, who they know new facets of their idols. Of Karim Benzema to the Brazilian Ronaldo, […]

Seven health experts to follow on Twitter and Instagram about Covid-19

Joaquín Soto Medina Updated:05/01/2020 01:28 save Related news The new coronavirus has turned our lives upside down. We are locked up. Without work, without classes and forced to master new routines and hygiene habits. We can’t get that “bug” out of our minds. That’s right. It has already caused more than 20,000 deaths in Spain […]