Fate will decide for him again. Will Bedřich have another child?

Between Bedřich and Alice a few weeks ago, it creaked quite a bit because of the baby. Alice started ticking her biological lessons, she would like to start a family with Bedřich. He no longer feels for another offspring, not only because of his age. But now something will happen that will make him look […]

Burešová and Forejt: Are they expecting a baby together? Most in love…

Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt Source: Profimedia He is currently one of the most beautiful and especially the most in love couples in the Czech show business. Wherever they go, they show their affection not only to each other, but also to others without shame. Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt are a couple that fans […]

Great return from Survivor. Nikol lost weight to the bone, a surprise awaited Vlad

The return of Survivor participants home aroused great interest from their fans. Everyone wants to know the answers to the most burning questions. And the contestants from the rough reality show have their hands full answering. In addition, they boasted the most touching moments from meeting their loved ones. All Survivor participants have already arrived […]

Moderator Lucie Borhyová at the tanning salon: She swore a cleavage!

The blonde presenter of TV Nova was charging her flashlights with the sun’s rays in a T-shirt with a really deep neckline. “That’s exactly my source of energy and good mood. Sunshine! ”Wrote Laughing Lucie to the terrace rest with a slightly fitted neckline. Lucie Borhyová after Slavík: I have to absorb this year’s news […]