Cinema: Herdecker actor Jörg Hartmann in “A Thousand Lines”

herdeck. New in the cinema: In the film “A Thousand Lines” the actor Jörg Hartmann from Herdecke takes on the role of deputy editor-in-chief. The Herdeck actor Jörg Hartmann, who became known nationwide for his role as commissioner in the Dortmund crime scene, can be seen in cinemas from September 29th. Namely in the film […]

Second division newcomer TV Dellwig pays dues at the start

Essen. The TV Dellwig wrestlers started the season with a 10:19 defeat against RC Düren-Merken. Here is an overview of the individual fights. After six years of abstinence, the wrestlers of the TV Essen-Dellwig returned to the 2nd Bundesliga. At the start of the season they learned the hard way in the home fight against […]

Six-lane expansion of the A57: Discussion in October in Krefeld

Moers/Krefeld. 76 people have raised objections to the plans. There is also a signature list. The focus of the criticism is the noise protection. The procedure for the six-lane expansion of the federal motorway 57 between the Moers motorway junction and the Krefeld-Gartenstadt junction is entering the decisive phase: the Detmold district government responsible for […]

A new place for all kinds of events – the “381” in Braunschweig

A new place for all kinds of events – the “381” in Braunschweig 27.09.2022, 17:54 | Reading time: 3 minutes Amelie Hinz, event and community manager at the public insurance company (left), and her colleague Friederike Kühn, responsible for art and culture sponsorship, are looking forward […]

Krefeld: Police officers shoot knife attackers in the leg

Krefeld/Gelsenkirchen. Special police forces in Krefeld stopped a knife attacker with a shot in the leg. Police Gelsenkirchen checks the operation. A man armed with a knife was shot in the leg by a police special task force in Krefeld. The 38-year-old had previously threatened several neighbors with a knife in a dispute on Thursday […]

Speculations about the expulsion of Thomas Tuchel from England

London. Two weeks ago, Thomas Tuchel was fired at Chelsea. Now there is increasing speculation about the future of the ex-BVB coach in England. About two weeks after his involuntary departure from Chelsea FC British media speculate about the future of the German coach Thomas Tuchel. The 49-year-old lives near London in Cobham, where the […]

Kulturrucksack: These are the holiday offers in Duisburg

Duisburg. As part of the “culture backpack” campaign, children and young people from Duisburg can try out various arts during the autumn holidays. The Kulturrucksack team in Duisburg has again prepared workshops in many parts of the city for the 2022 autumn holidays. Children and young people between the ages of ten and 14 are […]

“He scared me”: Pediatrician sentenced after abuse

Gelsenkirchen/Essen. A pediatrician abuses three girls at the bedside in a Gelsenkirchen clinic. Now even more allegations have become known. Ebnju ibuuf xpim lfjofs nfis hfsfdiofu/ Jn Qsp{ftt vn tfyvfmmf Ýcfshsjggf jo fjofn Hfmtfoljsdifofs Lsbolfoibvt ibu efs bohflmbhuf Ljoefsbs{u epdi opdi fjo Hftuåoeojt bchfmfhu/ Bn Epoofstubh jtu fs wfsvsufjmu xpsefo/ Ejf Tusbgf; {xfjfjoibmc Kbisf Hfgåohojt/ […]

Ruhrpott film with Bochum stars criticizes the film industry

Bochum Gerrit Starczewski brings his second independent film to the cinemas. With a story about the cult figures of VfL Jesus and a retired gas station attendant, he creates true Ruhrpott romance and shows that even chaotic methods can produce a good product. Nju tfjofn ofvfo Gjmn #Hmbo{- Hftpdlt voe Hmpsjb# uspu{u Hfssju Tubsd{fxtlj bmmfo […]